Today’s post is one for the books.
 I’ve written more vulnerable posts than I can count but, Heaven help me, this post is one that makes me want to crawl into a high-waisted-bikinis-only cave and die a bit. But. But for you guys, here I am. 
High waisted bikinis have always been a bit of a mystery to me. I’ve always felt that if you’re going to wear a bikini then go for it, rock that shit, belly button out and proud! I personally feel my best in a sleek one piece and am grateful that they’ve come a long way since the skirted ensembles my mom wore in the eighties (sorry, Mom), but high waisted bikinis are here to stay so we should tackle them together to see if we can hop on the high waisted train or if we’re officially writing them off for good.
My friend Val of Lovely Lucky Life and I thought this would be the perfect chance to team up and try on the same suits so that we can really vet each one – while I’m tall 5’9″, busty at a DD and a size medium or large, depending on the cut, she’s petite at 5’4″, small busted and has a small frame. We chose 8 suits and have try on videos on our Instagram feeds (click here to see mine, click here to see hers) so that you can really see what we’re working with.
Let’s get to it! 
Scalloped Suit, in a size Large
I actually like the fit of this suit! The top is very minimizing even though I think it runs a bit on the small side. I could have sized up to an XL for the ladies, so if you’re busty you may want to consider sizing up if you’re between sizes. This suit comes in a ton of color and I’m partial to this cherry red, plus it’s a perfect dupe for a more expensive label at an amazing price point. 
The top has removable cups that aren’t padded but protect against nips and the bottom comes just to my belly button with a little cheek in the back.
Mesh one shoulder top, wearing size Large, Mesh high waisted bottom, wearing size L
This was another winner for me! I loved the mesh detail on the super high cut waist (over the belly button) and the one shoulder top. The top has soft cups but no padding so it’s definitely minimizing but I’m not sure it could handle too much toddler splash pad time, if I’m being honest. The rear coverage is perfect, just the right amount of cheek, and it’s very slimming. 
Top, wearing a size Large Bottom, wearing a size Large
I have to give this suit total credit for the support in the top! This suit is a mix and match style that allows you to choose style and sizes individually, which is awesome if you’re more busty or fuller on the bottom, etc. The top is not padded but the cross back straps are amazing for support, almost like a sports bra. The bottoms are cut very high in the waist, cut up over my belly button and has full coverage in the rear. 
Black Crochet Suit, wearing size Large
So, I wanted to love this one because the price point is crazy, but the way the crochet pattern hits on the bottom is sadly a bit unflattering. The cups in the top are very supportive but I can’t in good faith send ya’ll out into the world in unflattering crochet. 
Black One Shoulder Suit, wearing size Large
Ok, I really loved this suit and wanted it to work – the bottom is super flattering with a side tie that can either be knotted or tied in a bow, a high cut leg and just a bit of cheekiness in the back, but the top is sadly, teeny tiny. If you’re busty, the cut of this won’t work for you. The side with the tie seems to be appropriately sized but sadly, the cut of the top slopes down across the other cup, making it super slim on a large lady. I can’t wait to see this one on Val because I’m guessing it’s adorable on a smaller bust. If you’re small busted, order this one and rock it for me, K? Oh, P.S. it comes in a ton of cute colors! 
Black tie front suit, wearing size Large 
This suit is on the simple side but I did end up loving the top more than I thought. If you tie the tie tightly (its a separate piece), the top becomes more revealing, but if you knot it loosely, it keeps the shape in the photo above. The bottom is plain, without detail but is cut high on the leg. This suit does come in a ton of color options and patterns and isn’t a bad starting place for high waisted suites thanks to the price point. 
Seersucker bottom wearing size L, Seersucker top wearing size large 
This suit gets marks for a cute top (again with zero padding or push up, but adjustable straps), but for me, the bottom is just so-so. The leg is a standard cut and the waist comes above my belly button, sort of giving the illusion of just being a ton of fabric. This suit is mix and match and a great price point – check out the other top option here
Yellow one shoulder top, wearing a Large, Pink bottom wearing size Large 
I’m here for the color blocking of this suit! It’s separates, so if you prefer one color, snag you a set in the same color. The fabric is ribbed which makes it feel so much more expensive than it is. I wore this set on our trip last week and got a ton of compliments on it, just be sure to straighten out the cups in the top liner or the top will look a little bulky.

Blue halter set, wearing size Large
And finally, this little Marilyn number that I really didn’t love. Something about the rouching on both the front and the back of the bottom made it bot so sexy, and very matronly, to me. The halter is great for a larger bust but this one just didn’t rock my world! 
And there you have it, I am feeling veeeery exposed and vulnerable so only positive comments, please and thank you!