Once upon a time, I used this little space of mine to document the moments in life that I wanted to remember in detail – the fun, the exceptional, the exciting moments that inspired me to write and share, and today I’m kicking it back to my roots! 
Being chosen as one of the ten designers on the Design Bloggers Tour was truly a shock to me. I applied thanks to a friend in the PR world who has supported the blog for years and really did so thinking I would hit apply and never hear a single word about it. Instead, I was shocked to receive an email of congratulations and details to book my trip, because I would be attending High Point Market for the first time on the Design Bloggers Tour. 
I packed my bags with literally no idea what to expect – I had reviewed our agenda and packed my best walking shoes, but little did I know that I was about to spend two days with the best of the best in the interiors world. The designers that were on the tour with me have been featured in publications beyond my wildest dreams, created spaces that invoke playfulness, passion and functionality and are working to create, produce and market their own lines, store fronts, books and design teams. The showrooms and brands that hosted us are mega players in all things furniture and interiors and they rolled out the red carpet for our tribe of crazies. Truly, I was the smallest of fish in a very successful pond and I couldn’t have been more in awe. 
I’ve decided to go for an old fashioned photo dump for this post, mostly because words won’t do this experience justice – and before I forget, go follow my fellow designers (all listed here!), I promise, they are so worth it! 
We started the day at the Universal showroom which turned out to be one hell of a way to kick things off! First and foremost, we were welcomed by the face of Nina Magon, who was just on the Design Bloggers Tour herself two years ago and now has a line with Universal (hello, inspiration!). Aside from that, Universal knows how to create a welcoming space that kept us inspired and refreshed, I wished I had time to go back! 
After Universal, we made our way to E.J. Victor where we laid eyes on the trend we would see over and over again in furniture: blush! Blush velvet chairs, blush rugs, blush linens, blush light fixtures, blush would be in nearly every showroom from that moment on. We met designers Antonia (the utmost in chic) and Ryan Korban (the youngest designer to make the AD100). 
Up next was Lee Industries, Hickory Chair and Vanguard with a side of performance fabrics by Crypton. I own a sofa slip covered in Crypton fabrics and, as far as I’m concerned, there is nothing better to upholster a kid friendly anything in. 
SONDER Living was a complete change of direction toward the sleek and modern (and their showroom was stunning) with a staff that could not have been more fabulous and enjoyable. They greeted us with champagne, which after that much walking, absolutely vaulted them to the top spot of favorite showrooms, but their space backed them up with whimsical art installations and dreamy lighting. 
Fan girling over meeting Haneen, who was on the tour with me
To wrap up the day, we hit a reception and beautiful tour at Four Hands, where I wanted to buy every single thing and re-do my entire home. You know, as one does. 
Thank you to our amazing sponsors for having me! 
220 Elm
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Dorel Home
E.J. Victor
Four Hands
Howard Elliott
IMC – Interhall
Lloyd Flanders
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