This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Dream Weaver, a brand of Engineered Floors for IZEA Worldwide. All opinions are 100% mine.
When we purchased our current house we fell in love with two things:
1. the location and 
2. an updated house but with clear spaces that needed to be renovated 
That sounds a little crazy but we were excited to move into a mostly updated home while scratching our renovation itch – especially because it was very clear to us which spaces we could tackle to make a huge impact on the overall design and functionality of the house. For the first time ever, we have lived in this house prior to starting any renovation projects, which has made it clear which projects we want to tackle first. The only problem? What’s clear to me isn’t so clear to my husband and vice versa! We each want to renovate a different, high traffic/high use space as our first project and can’t seem to sway each other to the winning side.
But I’m no slouch, I’ve been doing my research to get all of my ducks in a row to convince my renovation partner that my project should be numero uno on the list, and I think my fellow moms will agree because it’s creating a mud room + laundry room out of our screened-in porch! 
Here’s the thing, we do use our screened-in porch occasionally, but we use it as more of a drop zone for shoes and big toys like the wagon. You walk through it for our main entry point in the home and the space is fairly large and just waiting to be whipped into shape. The roofline is already tied into the house (something that will make the cost more manageable) and I’m certain Justin needs a little visual inspiration to agree that this is the project of choice. 
Because the budget is always a large factor on all of our renovations, I know the cost of flooring the space with something that could handle constant use, wet shoes, dirty laundry, storage and just the general wear and tear of a family of four was a sticking point for my project being pushed to the second spot on the to do list, so I got to searching and landed on the Revotec and Triumph lines from Dream Weaver/Engineered Floors. 
The Revotec line (examples shown under each of my feet!), is a patented waterproof, floating floor technology that actually perfectly mimics ceramic tile or stone. It actually comes with an embedded, realistic grout line feature that makes it look identical to tile, which was so impressive to me. Geared to be an alternative to ceramic tile but so much easier to install (no need for backer boards, thin set, ceramic saws etc) and if you’re handy, the install can literally take just hours. And did I mention that it’s waterproof? Ideal for a mudroom/laundry space.
Our entire house (minus one tiny spot) is actually hardwoods that are original to the house so I also wanted to see if there was anything in the engineered flooring world that might make me think twice about the Revotec line. Engineered Floors does make a line of engineered, water proof flooring that is scratch proof and shaped in the traditional plank-style of our current flooring called TRIUMPH. And get this, the Triumph line won’t fade in sunlight and is not affected by seasonal temperature changes, so it’s perfect for a space like our converted screened-in porch. 
I popped the Renewal in the shade Harmony from the Triumph line into Engineered Floors EF-EYE Visualizer to see what it might look like in the space (with a little imagination, of course!). Want to see?
Isn’t it crazy how the floor alone makes such a difference. Now to convince my husband to ditch his plans and get on board! 
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