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It’s no secret that while I do love construction, decor and design, I leave the heavy lifting to the pros. 

In fact, the one single time that Justin and I did a home improvement project ourselves, it came up in the home inspection report when we went to sell the property. 

So needless to say, I shy away from DIY projects unless it promises to be a no-fail, so easy you won’t believe it, you’ll be so glad you did it kind of project, and today, I’ve got that project! 
We own a simple wood step stool that we use constantly in our home – it lives in the kid’s bathroom and it helps with teeth brushing, hand washing, toilet flushing, illicit splashing and probably more mischief than I want to admit. 

While it is incredibly useful, the bottoms of each leg are unfinished so if it get’s a little moisture under it, it can slip underneath wiggly baby feet. 

And since we have a boy, we have perma-damp floors (boy moms know what I mean) so we were constantly worried that the stool would slide out from underneath our babes and result in a pretty bad accident.
Thankfully, Plasti Dip Craft not only exists but is also so insanely easy to use that I was able to slip-proof our step stool in record time. Available in an aerosol can, Plasti Dip Craft is a flexible, insulating, non-slip, durable rubber coating that can be applied to just about anything. 

If you need to water proof, protect or whip something into bathroom-appropriate shape, Plasti Dip is going to be a must. 

And P.S. if you love a good craft project, you have to check out the website to see the amazing things people are creating – and to think, I’m impressed with my little stool! 
I even remembered to cover the surface I was working on, something I’m notorious for forgetting, so it was a win across the board. 

Oh, and if you’re DIY inept like yours truly, Plasti Dip Craft is peelable on most surfaces, so if you mess up, peel it right off and start again! 

Wanna see how I did it??
 Good, because I whipped up a little video for you!
How to This Video Is Brought To You By Plasti Dip by oliveandtate on Jumprope.

I seriously love how the stool turned out, it reminds me of a certain high end, modern beach line that charges much more for the look! 
Plasti Dip comes in a ton of colors, I had a hard time choosing between the white and the navy. Go on and get yours at Amazon!
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