Happy Back To School season! 

I am so excited that we are heading toward the end of Summer and the beginning of the school year. This year, Gray is starting a new school and Georgia is headed back to Mother’s Morning Out so it’s time for me to check those school supply lists and clean out those closets.

 Every year, I prep my kiddo’s drawers in the same way and, if I do say so myself, it’s the only way to guarantee easy and stress free mornings without breaking the bank.

I have a really tough time dropping a ton of money on my babe’s play clothes.  I want them to be able to get dirty on the play ground, messy at art class and jump in puddles without worrying about coming home to an upset Mommy.

It’s important to me to dress them in easy, inexpensive pieces that are comfy, easy for them to wrangle on themselves and in basic colors that can be mixed and matched, while also looking like their mom gave them a once over before running out the door. 

So heres’s the plan: before the start of every year, I snag a week’s worth of short sleeve, solid colored polos, long sleeve tees, shorts and plain sweatshirt or two from Walmart

This year, I hit the jackpot in basics from the Wonder Nation line. 
The basic pieces happens to be both sensory friendly (tag free and super soft) and school dress code approved!

 I never spend more than two or three bucks per item – from dresses to long sleeve polos, it’s gotta be under $5 or it’s a no-go for me! 

Once I stock up, I run each piece to my local monogram shop for a little personalization. I add block monograms, circle monograms and initials to all of Gray’s items in contrasting colors, which completely ups the school wear ante. 

And if I’m being honest, those monograms also helps us to keep track of our sweatshirts and layers, because we are forever losing things.

And don’t just think this is a strategy for little boys!

 I picked up a handful of cotton dresses and plain, solid colored tees for Georgia, too. 
The dresses were monogrammed with her full name and an oversized script monogram added to the center of each of her tees. She’ll wear the tees with little cotton shorts at the start of the year and with leggings when things cool off. 
My sweet girl loves art and often comes home covered in paint and marker, which is absolutely fine by me in her little tees! 

If you struggle with “what to wear” battles in the morning, I highly suggest making a school drawer where every single item can be mixed and matched. 

Fill it with solid color, monogrammed tops and neutral bottoms from Walmart and let your babes pick their own outfits! 

Happy school year, mamas!