Thank you to Chase Freedom Unlimited for collaborating with me on this series of posts. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

I’m so excited to share this month’s date with ya’ll! If you’ve been following along on our Always Earning adventure with Chase Freedom Unlimited, then you know Justin and I made a pledge a few months ago to prioritize one-on-one time in our marriage. 
With our cash back credit card in hand, we’re removing the obstacles (both small and large) ) that being parents of two small babes and one wild puppy, as well as work and travel have laid in our path, to ensure that we’re focusing on our relationship each month. After last month’s 43-minute challenge, this month we took on the dreaded summer schedule. 
Between family travel, kids’s camps, birthdays, family functions and all things summer, the days are flying and we, as husband and wife, are ships passing in the night. When we sat down to plan this month’s date, we had to laugh out our calendars because when it was all said and done, the only date time we could piece together was due to the fact that we already had our babysitter scheduled so that we could take Murphy, our golden doodle, to puppy training class together. We paid our sitter handsomely to tack on an hour or two and booked a date for a Sunday in the middle in the afternoon. I mean, at least we’re making it happen, right!? 
So, what to do on a Sunday afternoon in the middle of Summer? Easy. We’ve often seen a bus full of people laughing, hooting and hollering drive past one of our fave family pizza joints and I had been dying to do a little digging and see what they were up to.
our tour guide, JD, getting us ready for the Funny Bus
 It turns out that the Funny Bus is an amazing way to spend a few hours learning about the city of Charlotte (one of our monthly date goals!) while being entertained with ridiculous banter from the comedian hosts. You can choose your tour style, from general to PG-13 to R rated, but no matter which your choose, no children are allowed, as the bus is not equipped for car seats. Even on a Sunday, we were guaranteed a grown-up vibe and a good time, and we were hopping right out of comfort zone, which turned out to be so fun.
The Funny Bus R rated tour was sadly booked during our limited window (Pro Tip: if you have a large group or want a particular time, you’ll want to hop on booking), so we booked a pair of tickets for the PG-13 show. After doing a little research, we realized that we could bring beer or wine on the bus. All we needed to do was head downtown and find a paid lot to park in before the show. 
Thankfully, we had my Chase Freedom Unlimited card on hand to take care of the little expenses that popped up. We earn 1.5% cash back, even on our $9 parking tab. With the fact that we’re always earning, we have even more incentive to schedule date nights that we might usually avoid, like heading downtown and paying for parking, even for such a short adventure.

As far as things to do in Charlotte go, Justin and I decided that we would highly recommend the Funny Busy to anyone – we loved it as locals, but we were the only locals on board! There were couples from Michigan, a family from South Carolina and another family from Jersey. 
We also decided that my parents would loooove the Funny Bus, so we plan to take them on a double date the next time they’re in town. Did you hear that? Our Chase Freedom Unlimited cash back credit card is causing a date night ripple and we’re branching out! 
Anyway, if you plan to do the Funny Bus (and I hope that you do!) be sure to pack a little cooler of canned wine or beer, have a great attitude, be prepared to be heckled and heckle back a bit, get ready to jam out to fun music, don’t be surprised if you learn a few facts and question the validity of a few, get ready to pop into Free Range Brewing for a refill and to honestly have a great time. 
I happen to think the Funny Bus would be an amazing first date ice breaker, Justin thinks we need to do the R rated tour, just to get the entire experience. 
Honestly, after the Funny Bus, I can’t wait to see where next month’s date takes us!