Helloooooooooo September!
Oh man, am I thrilled to see you! Both of my babes are finally back in pre-school/school five days a week and we are all so ready for the routine to be back in action.

 Both love their teachers and are rocking the first few days back. 

My absolute favorite part of the school day is picking them up in the afternoons. 
They are both so chatty and full of energy, ready to tell me about their day. 
But, sometimes their stories are a bit….confusing to follow without the backstory of their full day, so I whipped up a little list of conversation starters in an attempt to get the scoop on their daily goings on. 

Not to mention, we’ve all been met with that tiny eye roll when we ask “how was your day”, so hopefully this little list will keep things fresh and eye roll free as you wrap up your school day.