If you’ve been around these blog parts awhile, you know that each year I encourage Gray to hand make a gift for each of his teachers and important helpers. 

I love the tradition of he and I working together and it gives us the opportunity to talk about each of his teachers and how they’ve helped him throughout the year. 

With an emphasis on making by hand and showing our appreciation, this is one moment in the Holiday Crazy that I know is a guaranteed focus on others, something I so want to instill in my babes while they’re young.
This year, we made rosemary olive oil for 5 special educators.

 And guys, I can’t stress enough how simple this was to make. I ordered all of the materials on Amazon Prime, Gray truly did all of the work (with supervision of course) and the finished product is really beautiful.

 If you want to step up our game, I suggest grabbing a loaf of fresh baked artisan bread from your local bakery to pair with the rosemary olive oil – it makes for a fabulous combo of dipping and sharing! 

Here’s how to make the Rosemary Olive Oil

You’ll need:

Glass oil jars with stoppers
A small funnel (if your bottle set does not come with one)
fresh rosemary
organic olive oil – the more clear the oil, the nicer it will look in the bottle
gift tags or bottle labels


the most important part of the entire project is to ensure the fresh rosemary is washed and then completely dried. If water/moisture gets into the oil, it will turn. 

Wash the rosemary, lay out on kitchen towel to dry for 48 hours or until there is no more moisture
Once rosemary is dried, gather materials
Divide rosemary stems and place in bottles
Using a funnel, pour olive oil into the glass bottles, filling to the neck of the bottle
Close bottle with olive oil spout
Tie on ribbon and gift tag

Truly, the easiest ever.

Gray had the best time making his gifts – it was up to me to tie the ribbon, but up to him to handwrite the tags. 
Gray isn’t aware of this, but we do participate in any and all class gifts to ensure our teachers are well taken care of for all that they do, but for us, there is nothing more special than a hand made gift. 

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