Ok, so I thought I was completely done with The Guides for the year, but then my baby brother had a baby and now all I can think about is tiny baby Christmas things!

 Since the newest member of our family will only be a few weeks old on Christmas day, he doesn’t actually need anything – but that certainly won’t stop us from spoiling him! 

With that in mind, I put together a list of sentimental, thoughtful and special first Christmas gifts for babes ranging in age from a few days to nearly a year. There are even a few useful gifts on the list too, but only because my sense of responsibility won out.
 If there were ever a year for frivolous gifting, I’d say that magical first Christmas is the one! 

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1. Silver Piggy Bank

Sweet, sentimental and worth gifting on a momentous occasion, I adore this little block shaped piggy bank.

2. Personalized Hooded Blanket updated for 2020 here

Perfect for winter babes, this sherpa lined hooded blanket can be personalized with baby’s name or monogram.

3. Personalized Play Mat updated for 2020 here

Plus, personalized and something that can grow with baby, this play mat is perfect for a baby who is not yet on the go.

4. Wooden Activity Table updated for 2020 here

Out of all of the activity tables in all the world, I chose this one because of it’s clean lines and aesthetic. It will grow with baby and the quality will ensure it sticks around for as long as the family needs!

5. Baby’s First Year

A much less intensive take on a baby book, this little scrapbook is filled with cute prompts and thought starters. It’s a much easier version of the traditional baby book so it’s a gift for mom as well!

6. Name Block Set updated for 2020 here

I love the style of these wooden blocks, each one with a letter to spell out baby’s name.

7. Hand Print Ornament

Framed in silver, this is such a sweet keepsake

8. Hippo Rocker

Available in an assortment of animals, this rocker is silly and playful – a perfect way to celebrate baby’s first holiday!

9. A Year In Photos

One snapshot of baby a month, beautifully arranged and framed – this would be perfect to give in gift certificate form or if mom has published monthly milestone pics of baby on her social media!

10. Daydream with Max & Molly Board Books

We personally own some of the books in the Max series and truly love them. They aim to teach messages of thoughtfulness and mindfulness while thinking of others. The box sets would be the perfect addition to any babe’s library!

11. Cozy Coupe Ornament

Nothing says classic Christmas like a Christmas tree adorned cozy coupe. Personalize it with baby’s name and the year of his first Christmas

12. Silver Baby Cup

Classic and thoughtful, this little cup will look beautiful on display in baby’s nursery. This particular cup does come with a sippy lid, just in case you’d like for baby to use it – say, on his first Christmas!

13. Wooden Play Arch update for 2020 here

Georgia had a similar wooden play arch when she was an infant and she loved playing under it. The look of it was so sweet in her room that I only just moved it out – two and half years later!

14. Personalized Hooded Towel

In my opinion, there can never be enough hooded bath towels!

15. Personalized Silver Tree Ornament

Personazlied with baby’s name. birth stats and home town, this little tree is beautifully hand made.

16. Jelly Cat Lovey

We are big fans of the Jelly Cat brand and this stuffed animal with built in lovey blanket is sure to be a hit with a babe of any age.

17. Monogrammed Blanket

I adore the nautical look of this monogrammed blanket. It’s absolutely not too “babyish” and will fit right in with any decor – including a big kid room!

18. Sophie

The classic teething toy falls into the “useful”category but would make the perfect stocking stuffer or treat for baby to unwrap.

19. Personalized Baby Stationary Set

Because babies need to write thank you notes, too! A classic Southern gift, a baby stationary set is a thoughtful gift for a new mom – we still have a few pieces of Gray’s set that was gifted to us!

20. Personalized Name Book

A sweet keepsake, this ABC book is personalized with baby’s name

21. Personalized Baby Teether

Another great stocking stuffer, this wooden baby teether is personalized with letter blocks in baby’s name.

22. Custom Print

This print is gorgeous and can be personalized with baby’s name and birth stats. I love the vibrant colors and mountain theme – it’s also available in this style!

23. Slumberkins Alpaca Set updated for 2020 here

Meant to encourage babes to learn to relax and drift to sleep, this set includes the snuggly Alpaca and board books.

24. Sherpa Suit updated for 2020 here

One of our most loved winter items, both of my babes wore this sherpa suit to stay bundled up in the cold.

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