So, you’re ready to potty train! 

Congrats and Godspeed, this is a baby milestone that has the ability to really make one question her stamina, patience and overall hutzpah. 

But once you get through it, you’re no longer living a life of diapers and the world is your oyster. 

Let’s be clear, I have no words of wisdom on how to make potty training either a boy or a girl (yes, I’ve tackled both) a smashing success but I do know what you need in order to be prepared. 
And by prepared, I mean “get your mind and supplies right” because there is no bigger mind eff of a situation than potty training a strong willed toddler.
I sat down and put together my list of must-haves for potty training – from the guide/method I read and implemented with both of my children to what to pack in your car for the moment you’re confident enough to finally flee the house. 

Every item is from Amazon and can be at your door in hours – with the exception of one special item that requires PostMates….

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1. Toddler Potty: this is our toddler potty of choice. Our children use our hall bathroom, which is also used by guests and anyone who is not personally escorted to our master bathroom. 
Because of this, we opted not to use a toddler seat that attaches to the toilet and instead brought in a mini version for our trainee. I chose this particular model for aesthetics (no shame in my game), because it has a “flush” button that my daughter seems to love and has a built in spot for wipes.

Because we’re working in a tight space, the built in wipes that she can reach on her own without traipsing around the bathroom has proved to be clutch. 

2. Fitted Crib Liner: this water proof liner keeps pee from soaking directly into the mattress. I keep at least two of these liners and at least two clean sheets on hand at all times.
 Before rest or bedtime, I lay out a clean fitted liner and a clean sheet, knowing that in the middle of the night I may need to do a crib change.

Because the mattress is protected from getting wet, I’m able to quickly strip the sheet and liner from the crib, replace with the clean set that is already on hand and get my kiddo back to bed. 

I have heard of people actually double making the crib to make changes even easier – you would layer a waterproof liner, clean sheet on top of another waterproof liner and clean sheet duo.

Obviously, this is for big kids who can sleep on bedding, this is not appropriate guide lines for little babes. 

3. Reward Stickers: I don’t love doing candy as a reward for using the potty.


Oh because I had the kids who will want potty rewards until they go to college and I just don’t have time for that. Instead, I love cool stickers. 

Heads up, this is a giant pack of stickers! 
4. Car Bucket: If you’re potty training, you’re going to need to prepare your car. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve pulled out our Car Bucket in the Target parking lot, on the side of the road, even in our own driveway when we just couldn’t make it inside.

I’ve written an entire post on our Car Bucket, which you can read here, but the potty training Bucket includes:

full change of clothes for each child 
hand sanitizer
a large pack of wipes
a roll of toilet paper
a towel
a separate stash of underwear 
waste bin sized roll of trash bags
potty liners (more info below)
5. The Three Day Method (for you!): our chosen method of training, a very quick read that sets the plan, guidelines and has a ton of troubleshooting scenarios. 
Potty (for them!): because everybody goes! 
6. Water Proof Post It Notes: this is a tip from my Sister In Law whose kids were afraid of the loud and spontaneous flush of public bathrooms.

Listen, I get it, public bathrooms are a minefield with freshly trained babes but chances are, they’re going to need a public toilet sooner rather than later.

 Use a waterproof sticky note to cover the flush sensor so that the toilet doesn’t flush until everyone’s finished and prepared for the sound (or out of the stall all together).

7. Training Pants: heads up: little girls panties are insanely thin. Like a teeny drip of tee tee will soak them, which is upsetting and uncomfortable, to say the least.

For some reason, the boys undies seem to be made of thicker material, but those panties are not my fave. I prefer to keep training pants on hand for that reason. 

They are cotton undies but made out of thicker fabric that is more absorbent and comfortable if theres a teeny leak.

If you do the 3 Day Method, you will read that training pants are not encouraged but I will say that my daughter has no idea what panties are supposed to feel like. 

To her, there are all types and some are just “softer” than others. I personally use them even thought it means I’m a 3 Day Method rebel. 
8. Potty Chair Liners: I mean, do you know what to do with the poop once your toddler goes in a travel potty? I personally don’t love this particular moment of motherhood so I use these potty chair liners on our car potty.

You can put a new one on as soon as one is used so that you’re never without/don’t need to make a child wait while you set it up. I don’t necessarily think it’s needed for number 1 but in any other situation, you’ll be glad you’ve got it. 

9. Car Potty: we’ve owned this particular car potty since I potty trained my oldest. It is small, super compact and the lid is thick. I leave it in my car at all times and have stacked heavy groceries etc on top of it with no issues. 
10. Disinfecting Spray: because pee will be everywhere. Every.Where. 
11. Wine: sorry not sorry. I’ve never been so sick of hearing my own voice as during those three days. Plan ahead or use PostMates to deliver post bedtime. Y

es, PostMates delivers alcohol in certain states, they just scan the back of your ID upon delivery and wish you farewell. It’s the best delivery of all time, trust me. 

12. Undies: I order what feels like endless pairs of training pants and undies in the early stages of training. You will plow through teeny tiny undies and even though you’ll do loads and loads of laundry, you never want to be out of clean undies.
13. Waterproof Liner: this blanket style liner is meant for bedding but I actually like it for sitting on sofas or to use as a floor liner where your toddler is hanging out during potty training weekend. 

If you move a potty into a family space like a living room, put the potty on top of the pad.

If you’re hanging out on the sofa, put the pad under that bottom, if you’ve got fabric on your kitchen chairs, layer it up – basically, protect your house because, as I mentioned earlier, pee will be everywhere.

Now go forth and train, friends!