Thank you to #LearnEverywhere for sponsoring this post! 
Here’s what I know for sure:

I am not cut out for my current full time gig as Mom + Teacher + Business Owner extraordinaire. 

One gig at a time? Sure thing!
Two gigs at a time? I can make it happen.
Three gigs? Yeah, not so much.
With our schools – and now summer camps – canceled until post Labor Day and no formal plans in place, I am scrambling yet again to gather resources to keep my kids engaged and entertained. 
And I’m going to be honest here: 
it’s been fun doing all of the baking and crafts and memory-making activities, but this mom is running out of ideas. I want us to come out of this thing in one piece and it’s going to take all the Mom Hacks and virtual support to get us there. 
After doing a deep dive searching for something that would provide quick, easy, fun (and hopefully endless) activities for my son while I work, I found the #LearnEverywhere platform. Gray and I now post up together to get a little work done – me on my laptop and him rocking #LearnEverywhere on the desktop beside me. 

I love that I can sort his activities by age – yes, there’s a pre-K section! And he loves that he can click around and “choose” activities. 

If your kiddo is interested in a certain subject, you can also sort that way. From art to reading to tech, every subject that either holds attention or needs a little brushing up on is available.
Yesterday, my five year old went through the Pre-K Earth Day resources and watched videos, played interactive games and learned about the continents while I submitted invoices. 
It’s amazing what we both can accomplish with a few minutes of interactive, engaging activities on deck!

And major bonus: #LearnEverywhere comes complete with a Facebook support group for parents. 

It has been so refreshing to not only see a group of parents that are reaching out for resources to keep their kids entertained but also to see the amazing ways other parents have (or are to attempting to!) rallied around their new educators-at-home roles. 
#LearnEverywhere has curriculum options ranging from Pre-K to 12th grade and the platform is constantly updating with new content. I can’t recommend popping over and checking it out enough!