Today we’re talking all things facial filler! 
Everything You Need to Know About Cheek Filler
As a warning, if your squeamish about needles, skip watching the video below as it shows my actual injection appointment. 
I’ve never had more interest in a set of Instagram stories than when I shared my first visit to Skin By Blair for facial filler! Skin By Blair is owned by Blair Hayes, PA-C, who has been the only set of hands allowed near my face for nearly three years. 

While I’ve had Botox with Blair before, this was my first experience with filler.

 My goals were to create a stronger jawline and slim my face, which actually calls for filler in the cheek area. After much discussion over a few months, I finally decided it was time for filler thanks to this photo:
Everything You Need to Know About Cheek Filler
While I’ve always had a “soft” jawline, it seems that with age, birthing babies, weight loss and then gain, hormonal changes etc, my jawline had all be ceased to exist. 
Blair originally injected one syringe of filler to my cheeks, which is a very conservative dose. We chose to start small for a few reasons – cost being the main one, but also because starting with a small dose just felt right for both me and Blair.
Here’s what one syringe looked like, one week post injections
Everything You Need to Know About Cheek Filler
You can watch my thoughts and healing process of round one of filler via my Instagram story highlights here. 
With all of the questions and comments coming in after round 1, Blair and I thought it might be fun to document the process of injecting facial filler into the cheeks on my next appointment. 
As a bonus, Blair is also answering the most common questions asked by my Instagram community about filler and Botox!
As a quick reminder, two weeks before this appointment, I received one syringe of filler to my cheeks in the hopes of sharpening my jawline. 
I know it sounds counterintuitive to add filler to the cheeks as a way to slim the face and create a stronger jaw, so be sure to watch the video below for Blair’s explanation!
Thank you to Blair for hosting me in her gorgeous office and to her sweet staff for playing interviewers! You can see Blair’s full answer on how to find a reputable injector here!

Here’s another shot so you can really see the difference – 

Everything You Need to Know About Cheek Filler
Before || After 1 syringe (2 weeks post injections) || After 3 total syringes (1 hour post injections) || 
Everything You Need to Know About Cheek Filler