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 Welcome to the August round up of Amazon products shared on my stories. You can also shop my Amazon recommendations via my Amazon shop here.

My hope is that creating a monthly list of items I share will make it easier for you to shop – and the find things when you’re ready to add to cart! 

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Striped Sweatshirt

Striped Sweatshirt 

 wearing a Large. Love the stripe but it comes in a ton of colors (peep that olive green!). Covers the rear and perfect for leggings or jeans.

Band Tee

Queen Band Tee

Wearing a large, has a bit of stretch. 

Drawstring Shorts

Drawstring Shorts, wearing a Large – come in a ton of colors. So, so comfortable, nothing clings to your thighs or waist, pockets, easy wear. Perfect mom gear!

Ink Blot Sweater

Ink Blot Sweater. Also available in a skull print! Wearing a large – so comfy and soft, an easy transition piece to cooler weather with shorts. 

Sweatshirt Dress

Sweatshirt Dress, wearing a Large in navy. Comes in a ton of colors – the olive and grey are amazing wardrobe staples. For me, this dress is a must have. 

One piece to throw on and go, wear with sandals now and a camo jacket and sneakers in the fall. 

Scalloped Leggings

Scalloped Leggings, wearing a 10 in navy. 

These are my newest find! 

I’ve been looking for a great pair of leggings with a scalloped detail that didn’t break the bank and this is it! High waist (above the belly button), compression with the cutest scallop detail and the ankle and waist, I adore these. Available in a ton of colors! 

Bamboo Dish Brush

Bamboo Dish Brush with holder | 3 pack of Bamboo Scrubbers | Bamboo Brush with containers in white, grey and black

Ok, ya’ll sold this right out when I shared on stories, so I’m linking a handful of options for you here!

Nothing makes me happier than the thought of never using a sponge again and this little brush is the answer. The bristles are stiff and can do heavy scrubbing and we haven’t had any issues with scratching. My brush does have the white ceramic holder but I prefer to store it in my wire sink basket. 

Wire Sink Basket

Second only to the bamboo scrub brush, the wire sink basket has changed my life. I haaaate having things on the counters. To add insult to injury, the sink in our apartment is set into the island, so the kids manage to knock things like soap into the sink on the regular. This little wire sink basket has been a game changer. We currently have a divided sink so the basket just hangs on whatever side has less dishes resting in it. 

When we move into the new house, we’ll have a single bowl sink so I’ll snag this option with suction cups.

Solar Powered Charging Bank

This little baby can charge all the things, recharge via outlet or solar energy and has a built in flashlight. We have a lack of outlets in the apartment so we use this daily, plus it allows the kids tablets to charge on to go. 

Inferred Forehead Thermometer 

I mean, no explanation needed here right? I wasn’t sure our ear thermometer was tracking accurately, so I snagged this forehead infrared thermometer on Amazon flash sale. We’re super happy with it, and it happens to be the same model Georgia’s preschool is using before she enters the building, so we know we’re matched and ready to roll when we do at home temp checks. 

Mesh Zipper Pouches

I can’t think of a more useful purchase than these mesh pouches. I use them to organize my purse – I have a pouch with sunglasses, a pouch for Georgia’s back up clothes, one for meds/first aid, one for masks, one for snacks, you name it, I’ve got a pouch for it.

 I also have them in our house – we use them for bows, playing cards, little game pieces, crayons, anything that needs to be gathered together but has, of course, lost it’s original packaging. I’ve been using my set for a month or so and the zippers are still smooth, no fraying and the mesh material is holding strong! 

Eight pouches for $10 is a win for me. 

Fine and Fragile Detangling Brush

This little brush promises to be the answer to Georgia’s fine, super tangly hair. She hates to have her hair brushed and, truly, her hair texture is one I haven’t quite mastered. It’s stick straight on top, but the bottom third curls into ringlets. 

This brush is meant for “fine and fragile” hair, so I’m hoping it can handle her. I’ll report back after a few uses, wet and dry!