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 I am so excited to share the first design plan for House #6! 

I’m especially excited because this little plan happens to be the space I’ve dreamed of creating for multiple renovations, we just haven’t had the space (or the time!) to make all of the magic happen. But now that we have two kids quickly growing up and taking up space, a wild puppy always making messes and the need for multiple work/learning spaces in the house, I’ve put this little space on the top of the Must Have list. 

Any guesses what it might be?

Meet our new Mud Room! 

We’re taking a very neglected – but perfectly spaced – area and turning it into a laundry room, utility room, storage space, pantry, family desk and happy space. 

I’ve often mentioned that I have absolutely zero legitimate design training but, in this space, I leapt right into the detail work. I mean, only a Mom can design a space that could pack in so much and be functional for her family, right? 

Over the years, I’ve spent a ton of time mentally tallying which elements would be essential for our lives – and things have changed! After we adopted Murphy, I mentally added in a dog food and storage area. 

As the kids have gotten older, I added in large drawers under their cubbies and now that we know the layout of this house post-renovation, I’ve added in a large pantry. 

In order to make it all happen, I’m getting creative. 

Our washer and dryer will be stacked, hopefully with sliding doors to both conceal the appliances and keep noise down. The desk will use a scrap piece of stone as the top from the stone yard to keep cost down and one cabinet will be built just for tall, thin items like brooms and mops.

While I have every inch planned out just so, I do have a space that is causing quite the debate amongst Justin and I. Right next to the washer dryer stack is a spot that could be used one of two ways and we need help to decide what we should use it for.

Option 1: a beverage fridge with a countertop space for folding laundry 


Option 2: a utility sink complete with a compact garbage disposer and gorgeous smart touch-free faucet that can be voice controlled via an Amazon Echo Show 8

I’m voting for the smart faucet sink combo! 

With our current climate of needing to hand wash masks constantly, our as-yet-not-landscaped backyard leaving mud all over the kids shoes every time they play, our crazy pup who makes more messes than I ever dreamed and just life in general, I think a sink will come in handy more times than not. 

We’ve installed Moen touch faucets in our renovations previously, but never one that was Smart, touch-free and allowed for voice control! Can you imagine running into the mudroom, dragging a pup covered in mud, hollering at the Amazon Echo Show 8 to turn on the faucet in prep for a surprise Goldendoodle bath?? 

This is definitely the type of luxury I need in my life.

And also, just look at that gorgeous faucet

This won’t be the grungy utility sink station one might imagine (well, until that Goldendoodle bath at least).

We’ve chosen a gorgeous, but durable, tile which the faucet would complement (the stainless finish is also spot resistant!) and I’m thinking the compact disposer will ensure the sink can handle anything we throw at it. 

As a complete and total bonus, my dream Moen faucet, the efficient, quiet InSinkErator disposer and the Amazon Echo Show 8 are all available on Amazon Prime with free shipping. 

No running to the big box home improvement stores, all masked up, hoping to find what you’re looking for or trying to compare products in the aisles.

You’ve heard me say it before, but we turn to Amazon for a ton of our renovation sourcing. Our fave cabinet pulls, light fixtures, kitchen sink and more have always come straight to our door/construction site via Amazon. We’ve also been known to pick up major renovation materials like bathroom vanities from Amazon (see it here!) so if you’re in the process, make sure you hit the Amazon Home selection first. 

Anyone want to guess what Justin is voting for? 

Help us decide! 

I am beyond excited to show you this space as it comes together, from demolition to install and styling to move in day. Just two more months to go!