The Best Gifts for Guys!

It’s guy’s day on The Guides! 
Here you’ll find gifts for sports enthusiasts, collectors, coffee lovers, science lovers, fisherman, golfers, outdoorsmen, music lovers and guys-guys. As always, I managed to sneak in a little something for Star Wars fans, home brewers and this year we even managed to include something for the Anime lover in your life. 
You’ll also spot a handful of stocking stuffer ideas, just to make sure your gifting is fully covered! 

To keep things fun, this year’s list also includes four Reader Faves from past Guides. 

You can be sure if you snag one of those gifts that you’ll be giving a much loved and gifted item sure to be a hit.
Reader Faves will be noted with a star in the text list under the graphic and in the paragraph descriptions below. Many have been popular for multiple years in a row! 

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The Best Gifts for Guys!

1. Nitro Cold Brew Maker | 2. Bluetooth Paper Airplane Kit | 3. Portable Speaker | 4. Wooden Bat Coin Keychain | 5. Galileo Globe Thermometer | 6. Shower Beer Can Holder | 7. Beer Pong Robot | 8. Collapsible Water Bottle* | 9. Portable Campfire | 10. Personalized Football other options here and here | 11. Monogrammed Leather Dopp Kit* | 12. Vegan Leather Cigar Holder | 13. Lego Mini Stadium | 14. Custom Dog Breed Blueprint | 15. Metal State Bottle Opener | 16. Custom Golf Ball Set* | 17. Hand Carved Music “box” | 18. Hand Stamped Fishing Lures | 19. Bluetooth Fish Finder | 20. Vintage Stadium Blueprint*

1. Nitro Cold Brew Maker

Ok, normally I include a growler or home brew situation on the Guy’s Guide, but this year, I went rogue when I found this nitro cold brew maker! It’s just so cool for the coffee lover/home brew barista in your life. If you were hoping for a home brewers kit, this one looks legit! 

2. Smart Phone Controlled Paper Airplane Conversion Kit

For the guy who has it all (or loves aviation or is a hobbyist), this kit will transform almost any paper airplane into an app controlled, crash resistant flying machine! 

3. Portable Speaker 

Justin went on a golf trip a while back and came home talking about the cool speakers that some of the guys brought to attach to their golf carts. Apparently, this is the thing all the golfers need, so here we are. This speaker has a built in carabiner to attach it to a golf bag or cart mirror, is waterproof and boasts 10 hours of play time. 

4. Bat Coin Keychain 

Made from actual baseball bats, these “coins” can be personalized with your name or number .

5. Galileo Globe Thermometer 

Do you know how a Galileo Globe Thermometer works? As the temperature in the air raises or lowers the water temperature, the glass bulbs rise or sink to tell the temp. Pretty cool, huh??

6. Shower Beer Can Holder

I mean, is there a better stocking stuffer?? No explanation needed on this one. 

7. Beer Pong Robot

To be honest, this is some ridiculousness I would buy my husband. And he would love it. It’s a robotic beer pong set so you can “sharpen your skills” or play solo….I have no words, really.

8. Collapsible Water Bottle*

A similar collapsible water bottle made the best sellers list in 2019 thanks to it’s portability, convenience and uniqueness. This water bottle folds down nearly flat, including the lid!

9. Portable Campfire 

I think this is just the coolest – each tin is a portable campfire that burns with no smokey smell. Can be used once or multiple times, with easy clean up, this is for the Boy Scout who no longer feels the need to stack those logs!

10. Personalized Football  other options here and here 

A thoughtful and easy gift for the football lover. This personalized football can be used for play or display! 

The Best Gifts for Guys!

11. Monogrammed/Personalized Leather Dopp Kit*

A best seller every single year that The Guides have been in existence, the personalized leather dopp kit is a classic men’s gift. My husband uses his both for travel and for under sink storage and organization.  

12. Vegan Leather Double Cigar Holder

A fun stocking stuffer idea for a gentleman who enjoys a cigar.

13. LEGO Mini Stadium

These LEGO mini stadiums were a fun find this year! Truly for the guy who has it all but loves his sports, you can snag a mini stadium in a variety of college and professional sporting arenas.

14. Custom Dog Breed Blueprint 

Man’s best friend! A personalized blueprint of his best friend’s breed and lineage. Many breeds are available! 

15. Recycled Metal State Bottle Opener 

A quick little stocking stuffer representing his fave location! 

16. Personalized Golf Ball Set*

Every year a custom golf set makes The Guides best sellers! This year’s set comes in a gorgeous personalized wood box and includes personalized golf balls, pencils and tees. 

17. Hand Carved Music Box

Probably the most unique item on the list, this hand carved, wooden music box is perfect for the music love in your life. Choose from niche designs like the Tortoro and X Wing Main Theme to classic tunes like John Lennon’s Imagine.

18. Hand Stamped Fishing Lures

A sentimental gift for your fave fisherman, I can imagine a special message or fishing trip date and location stamped onto one of these silver fishing lures. 

19. Bluetooth Smart Fish Finder

The RealSonar wireless bluetooth fish finder connects to your phone and promises to help you land the big one! It’s called the iBobber and has “patented sonar fish identifier technology”, 10 plus hours of battery life and accurate sonar readings down to a depth of 135′.

20. Vintage Sports Stadium Blueprint*

Another best seller, snag a blueprint of his fave sports stadium. Choose from professional stadiums, college stadiums, golf courses, basketball arenas and hockey stadiums. 

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The Best Gifts for Guys!

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