The Best Toddler Holiday Gifts of 2020

Where would I be without toddlers?! I have a love that runs deep for the craziness that toddlers bring. I mean, is there anything else quite like it?! 

As it turns out, I also love putting together the Toddler Gift Guide each year. The 2020 Toddler Guide focuses on babes ages 1-3, toys that are STEAM/educational and gender neutral gift ideas. With the past months in mind, there are also great ideas to help get those wiggles out and to encourage outdoor play. 

I also made sure to choose gifts that can grow with your babes past the baby stage. And don’t worry, all price points are covered – there may just be a stocking stuffer idea or two waiting for you as well! 

This year’s Guides include a new feature: Reader Favorites! 

If a gift idea has a star next to it, you’ll know you’re choosing a no-fail, best of the best, most popular item over the past few years. Keep an eye out for four Reader Faves on the Toddler Guide! 

If you love this gift guide and plan to shop the post, please know that I do receive a small commission on purchases made via my links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. 

The Best Toddler Holiday Gifts of 2020

1. Indoor Scavenger Hunt | 2. Personalized Wooden Veggie Box | 3. Wooden Tool Push Cart | 4. Teeter Popper* | 5. Wooden Fish and Alphabet Set | 6. Wooden Name Puzzle* | 7. Plug in Bubble Machine | 8. Squigz Fine Motor Toys | 9. Garden Set | 10. Shopping Cart | 11. Beginner Play Dough Sensory Kit | 12. Stacking Wooden Rocket | 13. Wooden Shape and Sort Clock* | 14. Wooden Magnetic Name Train* | 15. Wobble Run | 16. Toy Tool Set | 17. How Our Body Works Wooden Puzzle | 18. Stepping “Stones” | 19. Deep Sea Wooden Play Station | 20. Wooden Car Garage 
The Best Toddler Holiday Gifts 2020

1. Indoor Scavenger Hunt 
Keep them entertained with an indoor scavenger hunt around the house! The game cards include challenges like “can you find a button?” and are bound together on a ring for easy keeping.
2. Personalized Fruit and Veggie Box
Personalized with your little’s name, each set includes 10 brightly colored pretend fruits and veggies! 
3. Walk Along Tool Cart
Each cart includes a set of wooden tools and is perfect for that transition from pulling up to an assisted walker and then to busy helper! 
4. Teeter Popper*
A 2019 Guides best seller! The Teeter Popper is such a cool concept based on a traditional wooden Montessori rocking board. The bottom side of the Teeter Popper has little nubbies that making a satisfying “popping” sound as the move over the floor. The Teeter element can be used to get those wiggles out, as a relief for sensory movement and to encourage physical play indoors. 
5. Wooden Fishing Alphabet Set 
Go fish with letters and colors! This double sided wooden board has a ton of play and game options – and comes with a big for storage! 
6.Wooden Name Puzzle*
A Guides best seller for many years in a row, this year’s wooden name puzzle selection is available as a truck, in a traditional rainbow color way and in a solar system busy board style
7. Plug In Bubble Machine
Ok, I don’t know about ya’ll, but we’ve been through our fair share of bubble machines. They work for a few weeks, eat a ton of batteries and then mysteriously bite the dust. This bubble machine is here to save us! This guy produces 3,000 bubbles a minute, can run on batteries or plug in, can charge via USB and works indoors and out.  
8. Squigz
Squiz are basically suction cups turned into stackable, squishable, flexible toys. When you pull them apart they pop, they can be made into anything and are constant winners in the educational toy world.
9. Gardening Set
9 piece gardening set that includes veggies that “sprout” from their pots! 
10. Shopping Cart
A more compact, two tier version of a traditional play shopping cart, I love the size of this one! 
The Best Toddler Holiday Gifts 2020

11. Beginner Play Dough Sensory Kit
Created specifically with toddlers in mind, this play dough sensory kit includes easy to grip pieces, primary colored dough and tools to encourage grip strength. Georgia has a play dough sensory kit and loves it! 
12. Stacking Rocket
This is the toy that keeps on giving! Each colored ring of the rocket can be stacked as a traditional stacking toy but each ring also includes a hidden shape piece inside of it. As a bonus, an astronaut friend is also hiding in the rocket, ready to play! 
13. Block Clock*
A Guides best seller in both 2018 and 2019 (as well as personal fave in our home) this counting, sorting, shape identifying wooden block clock will be hit for years.
14. Name Train*
    Another best seller many years in a row, this name train is great to gift. It can serve as nursery decor until your little one shows interest and when they’re ready to play, there is nothing quite like a classic wooden train set. 
15. Wobble Run
Three different tracks with three different textures slide together in any order to create a wiggly, wobble track for three perfectly sized balls. And good news, the balls can be stored inside the track so you won’t lose them around the house!
16. Tool Set
Complete with a saw, hammer, screwdriver, wrench, drill that makes sounds and a toolbox! 
17. Ouch Body Puzzle
A 12 piece layered puzzle that shows us how our bodies are made, what makes us hurt and what makes us feel better. Perfect for your little doctor! 
18. Stepping Stones
Technically called the Gonge Riverstones, these little stepping stones come in 2 sizes, bright colors and a ridged shape that encourages balance and core strength. Hop across, play musical stones, balance in a zig zag, whatever your heart (and wiggles!) desire.
19. Deep Sea Wooden Play Station
With 4 “quadrants” of activities, this play system has literally endless possibilities. Bead runs, gliders, peek-a-boo mirrors, “clacking clams” and spinning gears encourage fine motor skills and independent play.
20. Wooden Car Garage
Six mini wooden cars are included with this multi ramp, wooden car garage. 
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