Gift Guide for Grandparents

Oh, Grandparents!

They mean so much to us, they love our kids to the moon and back, they deserve the world…

And yet, they need nothing. 

Not a single thing! 

With that in mind, I pulled together a list of 20 personal, memorable gifts with a grandparent’s most important people in mind (ahem, their grandchildren). 

Gift Guide for Grandparents

To keep things fun, this year’s list also includes six Reader Faves from past Guides. 

You can be sure if you snag one of those gifts that you’ll be giving a much loved and gifted item sure to be a hit! 
Reader Faves will be noted with a star in the text list under the graphic and in the paragraph descriptions below. Many have been popular for multiple years in a row! 
Most of the gifts can be personalized and many are made by independent makers and craftsmen. Please double check all shipping and processing times for gifts sourced from small shops.
 If you love this gift guide and plan to shop the post, please know that I do receive a small commission on purchases made via my links. As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. 

Gift Guide for Grandparents
1. Modern Family Tree Print* | 2. A Dozen Reasons I Love You Set | 3. Family Member Portrait Mugs | 4. Custom Pet Portrait | 5. Custom Silhouette* | 6. Push Pin Location Map | 7. “Brag Book” Photo Box | 8. Family Portrait Puzzle Coasters | 9. Custom Handwriting Family Recipe Cutting Board* | 10. Modern Family Photo Album | 11. Family Photo Puzzle | 12. Long Distance Love Lamp* | 13. Custom Modern Maze Print | 14. Carved Wood Slice Family Tree* | 15. Grandparent Interview Book | 16. Kid Family Portrait Gallery Art | 17. Personalized Bowl Set for Two | 18. Baby Loves Grandma Personalized Book | 19. Personalized Wind Chimes* | 20. Custom Spoon Set

1. Modern Family Tree Print*
The most beautiful take on a family tree, this personalized print can include up to five generations. Each leaf includes a family member name in gorgeous script on archival paper. This print made the 2019 Guides best seller list by a landslide! 
2. A Dozen Reasons I Love You
A sweet little gift for the grandkids to take part in! Choose from 56 handmade wood coins with pre-printed messages of why they love their grandparents! The center lid can personalized with names and messages, so you can make it your own.
3. Custom Family Member Mug Set
Ok, these are adorable. Gift the Grandparents with mugs complete with the cutest drawings of their grandchildren, family members or themselves. Each drawing can be personalized with skin tone, hair coloring, even clothing coloring! 
4. Custom Pet Portrait
Because we all know those precious pets replace us when we fly the nest! This artist is so insanely talented and will hand paint a portrait of any pet (yes, even guinea pigs!).
5. Custom Framed Silhouette
We gave our parents this silhouette of Gray on his second Christmas and they were a huge hit. Super easy to create (just upload a quick phone snap of your kid’s profile), choose from a ton of color options, personalizations and frame styles and hit order. The quality is so great that we went back and ordered one for ourselves as well! This is always a Guides best seller, dating back to 2017. 
6. Push Pin Location Map
While this map is cool in it’s original intention to document travel, I love the idea of placing push pins where all of the members of your family live! Many of us are spread all over the place and having an art piece representing each family member would be so special! Of course, pins can be placed for special trip locations and/or places the grandparents have lived (Justin’s parents have lived in like seven states!)
7. Brag Book
Ever heard of a Grandmother’s Brag Book? It’s a little set of grandbaby pictures that can be whipped out anytime the chance to show off the babies presents itself. I found a cute little box version that could live in a purse, dashboard, desk drawer, you name it! As a bonus, I found a photo wallet card for Grandpa that will be perfect to have on hand! 
8. Family Member Coaster Puzzle Set
Perfect for the fam that loves to puzzle (or who is forever wondering whose drink is whose), these coasters are personalized with artistic renderings of each family member. You can add on a personalized stand so they’re always out on display! 
9. Custom Handwriting Family Recipe Board*
The gift idea that launched the grandparents Guide! Take a family members handwritten recipe and have it engraved onto a wood cutting board. You’ll be able to treasure the handwriting on display or use it as a functional board.  I will link a handful of makers here, here, here and here, seeing as this year is so crazy and this gift requires a ton of work! 
The Guides: Gift Guide for Grandparents 2020

10. Modern Family Photo Album
Looks can be deceiving! Open this up and it’s a traditional photo album! Print and fill the album for the grandparents, they’ll love it! 
11. Family Photo Puzzle
I love this idea with a traditional fam photo and think it would be even cuter to make it more personal by snapping a pic of the grandkids holding a surprise sign – maybe “we love you Mimi and Pop!”
12. Long Distance Love Lamp*
Guys, I cannot recommend the Love Lamps enough. I know the vibe of them is kinda funky but let me explain: we bought a set and gave one to my parents and put one in our family room. When you touch one light, the other lights up, letting you know the other person is thinking about you. My kids and my parents are obsessed with these. Ours is still packed up and I’ve been thinking that I need to dig it out ASAP. No matter how many times you tap it, it changes colors on the other lamp. Hell, sometimes I tap it when my kids aren’t home, just to let my parents know I’m thinking about them. It really is so special to see that little lamp light up. There’s a picture frame option that’s super cute, too! A personal best gift and 2019 best seller for a reason! 
13. Custom Modern Maze Wood Art Piece
Ok, this is the gift for 2020 that made me giddy to find and share! If there is one item on The Guides that I would encourage you to click to see the listing on, it’s this one. The craftsmanship is beautiful, the design is so unique and it is, of course, very sentimental. The maze can be personalized with pretty much anything but the concept is “all of these moments lead us here”. Inscribe it with the marriage dates of the grandparents and adult children, feature up to 5 grandchild birthdates, choose important dates in the grandparent’s life story – whatever you choose, the thoughtfulness of this gift truly cannot be topped. 
14. Wood Slice Family Tree
Your entire family lineage engraved/burned onto a wood ring. The symbolism runs deep, ya’ll! A reader sent me a photo of her family tree and the craftsmanship is stunning. This wood ring and the print version have been best sellers since 2018! Check out the new ornament option here!
15. Grandparent Interview Book
Show the grandparent’s that their history matters. A little interview book to inspire them to tell their stories, share their memories and keep them for generations to come. 
16. Kid Art Turned Gallery Piece
I adore this gift! Have your kiddos draw their family (including the grandparents), a special memory with the grandparents, a special place you share and have it turned into a gallery piece to gift! There are a handful of styles to choose from, but each allows for the artist’s name and a message to be on display! 
The Guides: Gift Guide for Grandparents 2020

17. Personalized Bowl Set
Is grandma a baker? Grandpa an ice cream lover? Create them a special set of matching, personalized bowls that include a mini size perfect for their favorite partner in crime (the grandkids, of course!)
18. Personalized Grandparent Story Book
Gift this book to the grandparents and ask them to record a video of them reading it to their grandbabies. Better yet, ask them to FaceTime at bedtime for a reading! 
19. Personalized Wood Chimes*
A 2019 best seller, each time the chimes are heard, they are supposed to remind you of the loves who gave them to you! 
20. Personalized Spoon Set
Perfect for coffee, tea or treats, this hand stamped spoon set is a super sweet gift. 
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