Mother In Law Gift Guide

The most requested Guide every year, the Mother In Law Gift Guide is where it all began!

This year’s round up includes 20 perfect gifts for your Mother in Law. 

Honestly, each gift on this list would be a present that any mother would love to receive! As always, I made sure to cover all price points, familiarity levels, interests and styles.
Most of the gifts can be personalized and many are made by independent makers and craftsmen. Please double check all shipping and processing times for gifts sourced from small shops.

To keep things fun, this year’s list also includes five Reader Faves from past Guides. 

You can be sure if you snag one of those gifts that you’ll be giving a much loved and gifted item sure to be a hit! 

Reader Faves will be noted with a star in the text list under the graphic and in the paragraph descriptions below. Many have been popular for multiple years in a row! 

  Let’s get to it!
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The Guides: Mother In Law Gift Guide 2020
1. Bud Vase | 2. Dogwood Stud Earrings | 3. Monogrammed Throw Blanket | 4. Kitchen Utensil and Tablet Holder | 5. Laurel Wreath | 6. Olive Tree faux option here | 7. Swivel Bath Tray* | 8. Custom House Portrait* | 9. Silk Eye Mask and Neck Wrap *| 10. Custom Family Tree Serving Bowl* | 11. Automatic Wine Opener and Wine Preserver | 12. Glass Photo Keepsake Box* | 13. Hammered Gold Bangles | 14. Personalized Spoon Rest | 15. Tortoise Mask Chain | 16. Custom Pet Painted Oyster Shell Ornaments | 17. Personalized Muffin Baking Tin | 18. Wired Shearling Ear Muffs | 19. Personalized Initial Door Knocker | 20. Personalized Gardening Tools

1. Hand Blown Bud Vase 

The story behind this little bud vase is precious – it’s meant to hold the single flowers that littles pick and bring inside just for you. Truly, I’d like one for myself! They are hand blown by a woman artisan and the perfect little touch for a powder bath, kitchen sink or bedside table.
2. Dogwood Earrings 
2020 is absolutely the year of the stud earring. These classic dogwood studs remind me of my home state! 
3. Monogrammed Throw Blanket  Also available in cashmere 
Available in a handful of patterns and with a ton of gorgeous customization options, this throw is really perfect for any MIL. From one who is a home decor fan to one who loves to snuggle while she reads, I think this little blanket is a dream gift. 
4. Kitchen Utensil and Tablet Holder
I love this new find! A neutral, clean line utensil holder that doubles as an iPod stand. Perfect for displaying recipes or FaceTiming while cooking. The utensil holder can also be used as a vase! 
5. Bronzed Laurel Door Swag 
The perfect decor piece! Hung over a bed, on a front door or even gracing a bathroom, this laurel swag is both thoughtful and stylish. 
6. Olive Tree (live) and faux

If your mother in law has a green thumb (or a love of horticulture), gift her with this sweet olive tree in a beautiful planter. 

7. Swivel Bath Tray*

A best seller every year, the bath tray says “you deserve to relax!”. The 2020 version swivels for maximum comfort.

8. Custom House Portrait*

If I had to guess, I would say the custom house portrait is the number one, best selling item of all time across all guides. It’s personal, thoughtful, hand painted, and evokes so many memories. Choose a forever home, her childhood home, a special vacation spot, the first home she ever lived in, the possibilities for a thoughtful gift are many. Each year, The Guides feature a different artist with a different style and this year’s has a whimsical touch that I just love so much. 

9. Silk Eye and Neck Wrap*

Spoil her rotten! Silk protects the skin from bacteria and wrinkles, what more could a girl ask for?

10. Custom Family Tree Serving Bowl*

This serving bowl can be used regularly or put on display. The artist designed the scene to represent closeness and each bowl is personalized with a last name or family name. This hit the 2019 best sellers list! 

Mother In Law Gift Guide

11. Automatic Wine Opener and Wine Preserver 

You had me at preserver….this wine opener and preserver set is stunning. The finishes are matte navy and champagne steel, which makes for the most gorgeous barware ever. The opener is electric and opens both synthetic and natural corks. 

12. Glass Photo Keepsake Box *

Printing photos is a lost art – and many MIL’s wish photos of their grand-babes or special family occasions lived on in print. Take the work out of it and gift her with this gorgeous glass photo keepsake box full of printed photos. This idea was a 2019 best seller! 
13. Hammered Gold Bangles

To be honest, I want this set! Gorgeous hammered bangles in a unique, organic shape. 

14. Personalized Spoon Rest

This is such a thoughtful gift for anyone who loves to be in their kitchen. A silver spoon rest personalized with a message just for them. 

15. Tortoise Mask Chain  add a personalized mask

Ok, so this is peak 2020 but I own a mask chain and love it! The tortoise links are lightweight and match anything – and can double as a necklace! 

16. Custom Pet Painting on Oyster Shell Ornament 

I thought of my own MIL when I saw these perfect little oyster shells painted with pups! You can choose from a variety of breeds and let’s be honest, you know your MIL loves that doggo more than the rest of you! 

17. Personalized Muffin Baking Tin 
This personalized muffin baking tin was such a fun find this year! I just love the simple and sweet personalization and the nod to any MIL who lives to bake. 
18. Wired Shearling Ear Muffs

Perfect for walks, taking to dog to the park, an audiobook lover and anyone who lives above the Mason Dixon Line, these wired UGG earmuffs are soft, versatile and just the right amount of glam.

19. Personalized Initial Door Knocker

A simple, classic statement for any home, I love a personalized initial door knocker as a meaningful and surpassing gift.

20. Personalized Gardening Tools

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