The Guides 2020: The Best Gifts for Kindergarteners
New for 2020, meet the Kindergartener Guide! 

The 2020 Kindergartener Gift Guide focuses on babes ages 4-6. Here you’ll find gender neutral, STEAM based gifts that will grow with and inspire your child. 

This year, I made sure to add lots of activities for outdoor and physical play because….well, because quarantine! If you need to make sure we can get those wiggles out, I got you! 
I also made sure to choose gifts that can grow with your kiddos and even encourage play between siblings. And don’t worry, all price points are covered – there may just be a stocking stuffer idea or two waiting for you as well. 
If you love this gift guide and plan to shop the post, please know that I do receive a small commission on purchases made via my links. As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. 

The Guides 2020: The Best Gifts for Kindergarteners
1. Fort Building Set | 2. OSMO Genius Kit | 3. Confetti Crayon Set | 4. Tether/Swing Ball Set | 5. Marble Run | 6. Walkie Talkie Set | 7. Lego Storage Bin + Play Mat | 8. Night Sky Nightlight | 9. Light Up Tracing Kit | 10. Magnetic Building Sticks | 11. Art Studio In A Box | 12. Sight Word Swat | 13. Brain Flakes Building Kit | 14. Beginner Pogo Stick | 15. Science Experiment Kit | 16. Ninja Warrior Course | 17. Rainbow Craft Kit | 18. Paw Patrol Personalized Book | 19. Nature Journal Kit | 20. Pip Squeaks Marker Set
1. Building Fort Set
For building indoor and out, this basic building kit is only limited by your kiddo’s imagination! Forts, rockets, houses, you name it, this kit can build it!
We own an OSMO and it say a lot of action this past Spring. The updated sets can be used on either an iPad or an Amazon Fire, which is a huge upgrade! Each themed set uses an interactive white board to teach everything from letter and number writing in the starter set to specific skills like coding in expansion sets.
3. Confetti Crayon Set
Perfect for those art collections! 
4. Tether/Swing Ball Set
Open ended outdoor play for the win! 
A throw back game that can be played solo or with a friend. 
5. Marble Run
Marble Run sets are a huge hit in my house! Both of my kids play with the building pieces but my son, in particular, loves to create the run. We are adding to our sets this Christmas for sure! 
6. Walkie Talkie Set
Is there anything better than a classic walkie talkie? This set comes in a three pack, you can choose your colors and they have built in LED backlighting. 
7. LEGO Storage and Play Mat
Ok, for my LEGO lovers, this is a wonderful idea! Store all of those LEGO bricks inside this bin and when you’re ready to play, dump them out onto the built in mat. When it’s time to clean up, gather the mat back into the bin and you’re all set! No more stepping on LEGOs or picking up endless baby bricks!
The Guides 2020: The Best Gifts for Kindergarteners
8. Night Sky Nightlight
Choose between blue nebula clouds or green laser stars, I love this nightlight for big kids who are too “grown up” for a nightlight but still need a little something special for easy bedtimes. 
9. Light Up Tracing Pad Art Set
Available in a ton of themes (think Trolls, animals/nature, super heroes, fashion, etc), this light up tracing pad is perfect for the budding artist!
10. Magnetic Building Sticks
Perfect for the little engineers, this 178 piece, rainbow colored magnetic building sticks are a great take on the classic magnetic building tiles. Heads up, this set uses magnetic marble balls to connect the sticks so this set is for kindergarten ages and up! 
11. Art Studio In A Box
I don’t know about anyone else, but by this time each year, our art supplies are looking a little worse for wear. Stock their art cart with this studio in a box and you’ll be stocked for 2021. 
12. Sight Word Swat
Encourage early reading and family time with a sight word based board game! The game includes 220 of the top sight words used in Kindergarten classes and books.
The Guides 2020: The Best Gifts for Kindergarteners
13. Brain Flakes Building Kit 
Brain Flakes are *life* in my house. My son builds with them constantly – big build, little builds, you name it, he makes. He also carries them around in his pocket and stashed some in the car, just in case! 
 14. Beginner Pogo Stick 
Crafted from durable foam, this is an ideal first pogo stick for kids. It squeaks with each bounce and can be used indoors and out.
15. Science Experiment Kit
Kids can easily follow the step-by-step instructions while sharpening skills like problem solving, sequential thought and math concepts with this science kit. The kit is packed full of everything a young scientist needs including a Lab Coat, name badge, large test tubes with stand, eyedroppers, 3 sized funnels, measuring spoons, measuring cup, plastic beaker, magnifier, safety glasses and double-sided activity cards book.
 16. Ninja Warrior Course 
Set up an outdoor Ninja Warrior course in your backyard! Everything you need (including the slackline) is included in this kit! Could there be anything better for active kiddos??
17. Rainbow Craft Kit 
For the rainbow lovers, this art kit will spark all of the creativity!
18. Paw Patrol Personalized Book 
There very own Paw Patrol story! Their little face and name will be included in a Paw Patrol themed story – how fun is that?
19. Nature Journal Kit 
Once they’ve decorated the cover, they can use the blank pages inside for doodles, drawings and nature adventure details. This kit comes with prompts to encourage children to interact with nature and appreciate their surroundings.
20. Pip Squeaks Marker Set
Kindergarten might be the perfect year to introduce their very own marker set (we’re strictly crayons around here, so that would be a huge treat!). The pip squeak markers are washable and come in a 65 piece set. 

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