The Guides 2020: The Best Gifts For Preschoolers

In my humble opinion, preschoolers are the most fun age to gift! Their excitement and enthusiasm is so genuine and pure, there really is nothing like a preschooler during the holiday season. 

The 2020 Preschooler Gift Guide focuses on babes ages 3-5. Here you’ll find gender neutral, STEAM based gifts that will grow with and inspire your child. This year, I made sure to add lots of activities for outdoor and physical play because….well, because quarantine! If you need to make sure we can get those wiggles out, I got you! 
I also made sure to choose gifts that can grow with your kiddos and even encourage play between siblings. And don’t worry, all price points are covered – there may just be a stocking stuffer idea or two waiting for you as well. 

This year’s Guides include a new feature:
Reader Faves! 

If a gift idea has a star next to it, you’ll know you’re choosing a no-fail, best of the best, most popular item over the past few years. Keep an eye out for four Reader Faves on the Preschooler Guide! 
If you love this gift guide and plan to shop the post, please know that I do receive a small commission on purchases made via my links. As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. 

The Guides 2020: The Best Gifts For Preschoolers
1. Activity Tunnel | 2. Wooden Board Puzzles | 3. Crayon Library* | 4. Play Sink | 5. Shape Sorting Puzzle Kit | 6. Personalized Art Apron | 7. Stomp Rocket* | 8. Double Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline | 9. Activity Picnic Table with Umbrella | 10. Balance Bike | 11. Ride On Scooter Car | 12. Wooden Magnet Alphabet | 13. Rocket Ship Play Tent | 14. Ride on Roller Coaster | 15. Farm Play Dough Sensory Kit 16. Wooden Rainbow Arch Set | 17. Bounce House* | 18. Wooden Life On Mars Stacking Set | 19. Personalized Step Stool* | 20. Personalized “If My Dog Could Talk” Pet Book
The Guides 2020: The Best Gifts For Preschoolers
1. Activity Tunnel (purchase pit balls here)
What’s not to love here? Easy set up, hours of open ended play, a ball pit?! Bonus, this tunnel set comes with a built in velcro bulls eye game and a basketball hoop!  
2. Set of 6 Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles
Six wooden animal puzzles to develop fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, color and animal recognition skills. 
3. Crayon Library*
Art supplies are always a best seller for preschoolers and I love this crayon library! Specifically designed for little hands, the crayons are hexagon shaped, making them easy to grip and keeping them from rolling all over the place! Includes 60 crayons and a storage box! 
4. Pretend Play Kitchen Sink
This little sink has a working faucet, a stove with light and sound, comes with tableware, utensils, play food and a drying rack! I have a preschooler who loves to be a Helper, so this is right up her alley. 
5. Shape Sorting Puzzle Kit
This little kit starts with basic shapes and over 60 guide cards to show your little how to create new designs with different shape combos. This would be a perfect stocking stuffer! 
6. Personalized Art Apron 
You guys are loving this art apron! Available in a ton of colors with multiple font options, this petite sized kid apron is perfect for art, baking, dress up and more. 
7. Stomp Rocket*
A best seller from the 2019 Guides, the stomp rocket could not be more simple but more fun. Let them get those wiggles out by launching the rocket and chasing after it! 
8. Double Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline
Built for two, this double tramp has a safety bar, can be folded for storage, works indoor and out and comes with two spring pads (one is a more neutral grey, perfect for indoors!).
9. Activity Picnic Table with Umbrella
I chose this particular table because of it’s versatility! The center panel can be removed to hold two bins – perfect to create a water table, sand area, toy bin etc. It’s the best of all worlds as a combo dining, play and sensory space.
10. Balance Bike
Skip the training wheels and teach early riders to balance and navigate on a balance bike. Don’t forget the helmet! This is the helmet we own and love for Gray. 
The Guides 2020: The Best Gifts For Preschoolers

11. Ride On Scooter Car
A Best Toy Award Winner, this scooter car is propelled when your little “wiggles” their body back and forth. No pedals or batteries, it uses momentum generated by the rider as power! It’s such a cool design and perfect for kids of all ages, especially those who aren’t ready for a bike quite yet! 
12. Handmade Wooden Alphabet Magnets
Handcrafted of alder and smoothed down for a really gorgeous aesthetic, up your magnet game with this alphabet set. 
13. Rocket Ship Play Tent
Let the imagination begin! This little rocket ship play tent is actually a 5-in-1 activity center – it has a built in maze, alien tic tac toe, velcro solar system felt target game. and your very own reusable name badges.
14. Ride on Roller Coaster
Back yard upgrade! This ride on roller coaster is endless fun and super simple to set up! 
15. Farm Play Dough Sensory Kit
We love a sensory kit around here! This little farm set up will encourage independent, creative play. Each set comes with home made dough, a storage case and everything you need on the farm. 
16. Wooden Rainbow Arch Set
Montessori style stacking arches make a beautiful rainbow but can also be played with in a million different ways. Use them as a car ramp, to build a city, as a doll desk, if they can imagine it, they can build it with this little set! 
17. Bounce House*
Are you even remotely surprised this made the list!? My personal saving grace during quarantine, this bounce house is worth every penny. Incredibly durable, easy to set up, can be used indoors (with enough space) and out, has a slide and easy entry – just trust me. These were sold out and marked up like crazy during quarantine so you can be sure they are worth it! 
18. Wooden Life on Mars Play Set
I love how unique this set is! Complete with mini astronauts, communication towers, travel tunnels and UFO’s, this wooden set is a space lovers dream. 
19. Personalized Step Stool*
A best seller from the 2018 and 2019 Guide seasons, this personalized wooden step stool is a great gift! You can choose the design and personalization, then pop it in front of the sink, in the playroom or in a child’s room. Oh, and the price point is amazing! 
20. If My Dog Could Talk Personalized Book
Ok, so, my preschooler thinks our dog is hilarious – I was 100% thinking of her when I added this personalized book to the Guides. She would get such a kick out of book written about our pup, Murphy. If you have a special pet in your home, snag this little story ASAP.