The Guides: Sibling Gifts 2020

The Guides: Sibling Outdoor, Sports and Play Gifts 2020

Meet the newest addition to The Guides: Joint Sibling Gifts!
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Growing up, I can remember particular years where my parents would gift us a “family” or “shared” sibling gift. One year when we were little, we woke up to a new play set on Christmas morning. There was also the year that our bonus room received a TV upgrade, and looking back, I think I have to tip my hat to my dad for that one! What a way to score a new tv! Thanks, Santa! 
I put together a list of fun gifts that could be shared or for the family, all straight from Walmart! I focused on outdoor, sports and physical play gifts because, well, because 2020! We spend the entire Spring outside this past year and we relied so heavily on our outdoor gear. From backyard bounce houses, to play sets, soccer goals and ride on toys, we used them all and then some! 
Walmart has incredibly fast shipping (hello, two day shipping on many items) and, honestly, the widest selection of sports, outdoor, outdoor play and play sets that I’ve found.

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Gift Guide: Sibling and Shared Gifts
If you’re looking to get those kids outside and encourage pretend and physical play in your yard, Walmart is here for you. And so am I! 
I’m sharing my faves below and let it be known that I particularly adore this playhouse and have my eye on it for Georgia. 
Gift Guide: Sibling and Shared Gifts

We owned this little outdoor play set when my kids were younger and they loved it. We also happen to be big fans of riding around our new backyard in our motorized truck but this version would sure be an upgrade! 
I know we can’t the only family that was dying to get our wiggles out during quarantine, so I made sure to include some major at-home physical activities like this arcade basketball game, soccer goals (don’t forget the ball!), and two different bigger kid swing options. 
And is there anything more classic than a ping pong table?? We kept ours in our garage growing up – and it’s still there at my parent’s house, waiting for the next family competition (I believe my brother is the current champion, but my Mom usually reigns supreme). 

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