30 Tips to Survive Summer with Little Kids

If this photo doesn’t scream “Hot Mom Summer” I don’t know what does! 
Seriously though, Summer season is upon us parents so it’s time we get our minds right and start prepping for the long days ahead. 
Summer memories are made in the sun so I’ve got 30 tips that will help you rock it, including the best hacks for saving money on kid’s snacks, keeping little hydrated, all things sunscreen and how to keep that water table from growing that weird film of black gunk. 
30 Tips to Survive Summer with Little Kids

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30 Tips to Survive Summer with Little Kids


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30 Tips to Survive Summer with Little Kids

3. Pack doubles of everything. Anytime my kids make a friend at the pool, we end up sharing snacks. I always pack extras just in case! 

4. The tabs on juice boxes are there for a reason! Pop them up before passing them off so kids can use them as handles and not squeeze the juice out. 

5. Freeze fruit in small bags and toss in your cooler – it will serve as an ice pack and then a super hydrating snack for littles once it melts a bit. 

6. Freeze yogurt tubes and call them “popsicles” 

7. I’m a big fan of the “snack tray” for meals and snacks – it’s the perfect way to clean out the fridge, get kids to try new foods and to save yourself from cooking. 

Use a muffin tin and fill each cup with a small servings of snacks, fruits, deli meat, cheese, veggies, whatever you have on hand and call it done! 

8. Cut yogurt tubes in half (use super sharp scissors and make one swift cut) for smaller portions for little kids.

You can also pop a straw into a yogurt tube so no one has to squeeze anything! 

30 Tips to Survive Summer with Little Kids


9. Apply sunscreen to little faces with a beauty blender! It’s softer than fingers and allows you to get into little spaces easily

10. Use a powder sunscreen with built in brush on baby’s head – the brush is soft and it won’t make their hair all sticky

11. Leave a large sunscreen with pump by the door so that it’s the last thing you see as a reminder to apply

12. Sunscreen babies and little kids before putting on their suits – that way you won’t miss a spot! 


13. Baby powder removes sand like a dream

14. Keep a spray bottle with clean water in the car to spray sand off feet just before loading kids in

15. Don’t forget that sand + moisture can lead to chaffing in little leg and arm rolls. Keep a chafe prevention stick in your bag.

30 Tips to Survive Summer with Little Kids


16. A small plastic bin or cheap baby tub keeps littles entertained on the beach while keeping them away from the real waves

17. Pack all water toys in a mesh bag so that they can air dry and sand can shake out 

18. Keep a “Summer Kit” in your trunk with a travel size sunscreen, back up goggles, a few swim diapers, a towel and hats. 

19. Turkish towels are thinner and fold down smaller so they take up less room in your bag! 

20. Keep a small pack of baby wipes in your cooler – if littles look like they’re getting too hot, let them play with the cold wipes, wiping down their face and neck in the process. 

21. Instead of letting the hose run in the water table all day, fill up a big plastic bin with water that kids can use for refills. 

22. Goggles with fabric straps keep hair from getting tangled, and don’t forget to pack an extra pair in case of broken straps or lost goggles. 

23. Spray leave in conditioner and brush out hair with a wide tooth comb before leaving the pool – it will make shampooing so much easier! 

We love the Aussie Hair care spray leave in deep conditioner for my daughter’s super tangle prone hair. 

24. A small, under $15 air pump will change your life. Truly, I just purchased one myself and don’t know why I waited so long. 

Blow up pool floats, backyard baby pools, sports balls, whatever you need without having to huff and puff and do it yourself. 

25. Water tables can get super gross over the course of the summer – make a solution of water, white vinegar and blue dawn in a spray bottle and keep it on hand. 

After you drain the table for the day, spray the mixture into the table and spray it down quickly with a hose. Let it dry overnight and it will be ready to go the next day! 


26. Freeze bottled waters and toss into your snack bag. They’ll act as ice packs but when they melt you’ll have extra water bottles on hand. 

27. Create a self serve water station outside – use a cheap beverage dispenser with spout and a cup for each kid. Remind them to fill up their cups often! 

28. Add fruit to water in ice cube trays (have littles help!) and toss into their drinks to add a little fun

29. Double down on packing beverages! 

Pack twice as many juice boxes and water bottles than you think you’ll need – something will spill, someone will want something completely different than what they wanted at home and everyone will be hot. hot. hot.

Don’t forget to stock up on all the summer essentials at Publix during their Stocking Spree program! Stocking up for summer is made easy at Publix.
Good luck mamas and papas!