Our Favorite Pool Toys

Oh hey dog days of Summer!
 We are perpetually sweaty and permanently living at the pool. I’m talking 482 hours clocked in the water per week. It’s the only way we’re making it! 
As things very obviously heat up here, I thought I would share some of our tried and true pool toys! 
These are things that the kids use all season long, AND are affordable enough that if (and when) we lose them, it’s no big deal. 

Row OneSwimming Mermaids | Dive Toys | Stingray Glider | Kickboard
Row TwoWatermelon Ball | Shark Net Fish Hunt Set | Bouncy Water Ball
Row Three: Frozen Glitter Dive Wands | Jumbo Pool Noodle | Light Up Pool Toys
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Our Favorite Pool Toys

Swimming MermaidsI only pack two in our pool bag and stash the rest, knowing they will get left/borrowed/lost over the course of the summer


Our Favorite Pool Toys

Dive ToysEvery year I buy this giant set and only throw a handful of pieces in our bag. As the summer wears on, we lose or “donate” a ton of these toys to the pool.

As they disappear, I restock our bag from my stash. Makes things easy and no pressure when it comes to figuring out which single red dive ring is ours on a busy pool day

Our Favorite Pool Toys

Stingray GliderGray is obsessed with this thing! 

It’s been his #1 fave pool toy this year

Our Favorite Pool Toys

 Learn-to-swim Kickboard: Boogie board with animals on them – enough said. 
This toy alone will provide ANY kid with hours of fun at the pool. 
Our Favorite Pool Toys

Watermelon Pool BallWe spotted this at the pool when another group of kids was playing with it and love it!

If you’ve never seen one in the wild, here’s how it works: you actually fill the ball with water so that it’s super wobbly and unstable. Once you toss it in the pool, it’s heavy and will sink for a bit, then will shoot back up to the surface. 

It’s been popular with my seven year and his friends but my four year old also loves it. Be prepared: it gets a ton of attention in the pool! 

Our Favorite Pool Toys

Shark Net Fish Hunt Set: Baby Shark do-do-do-do-do-do 

and now you’ll be singing that all day….
These are like hungry-hungry hippos, but for the pool! So much fun, especially for little swimmers who still like to hang by the steps.
Our Favorite Pool Toys

Bouncy Water Ball: These are a great, all around pool ball. Easy, fun, affordable. 
Our Favorite Pool Toys

Frozen Glitter Dive WandsGeorgia is too little to truly dive for these wands but she and her little friends play with them on the steps, use them as pretend fairy wands and overall love them.

Our Favorite Pool Toys

Jumbo Pool Noodle: Have yall seen these yet?! They are all the rage. 

Oversized, plastic like giant pool noodle – Gray is dying for one!

Our Favorite Pool Toys

Light Up Pool Toys: The long tentacles on these make them perfect for early underwater swimmers – and the light up feature is so, so cool for evening swims!

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