Best Outdoor Summer Toys

While you all know how much we LOVE the pool, I have come to the realization that we can’t spend all of our free time there. 
So over the last year I began scouring the internet – ok, mainly Amazon – to see what other things I could get for Georgia and Gray to truly keep them entertained. 
Best Outdoor Summer Toys

Row One: Sand + Water Table | Automatic Golf Putting Set | Stomp Rocket | Outdoor Mini Sprinkler

Row Two: Flying Rings | Blow Up Pool | Bubble Machine
Row Three: Bounce House | Mini Splash Pad | Waterfall Water Table
And dudes, did I score! 
Here are a BUNCH of toys to keep the kids (and you!) busy all season long.
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Best Outdoor Summer Toys
Sand + Water Table: While it may look simple, this has been one of my best purchases. The kids have literally spent hours playing with this table and all its pieces.

Best Outdoor Summer Toys
Automatic Golf Putting Set: Ok – Not sure who loves this more – Gray or Justin – but 100% have gotten my money’s worth for this one. 

Best Outdoor Summer Toys
Stomp Rocket: An old school classic – we own it and love it.

Best Outdoor Summer Toys
Outdoor Mini Sprinkler: A small yet mighty sprinkler for kid – hook it up to your hose and let ‘er rip. 

Best Outdoor Summer Toys
Flying Rings: These are pretty much hollowed-out frisbees. They’re easier for the kids to throw and great to bring to the park or beach. 

Best Outdoor Summer Toys
Blow Up Pool: ok – this pool is pretty awesome and actually well made (it will last more than a season!).  Best part – it’s big enough for adults! Another win-win product.
Best Outdoor Summer Toys
Bubble Machine: Kid love bubbles? Do you love blowing bubbles for what feels like hours? – No?
Then get this machine. 
Trust me. 
We have it and love it so much it is now our go-to gift.
Best Outdoor Summer Toys
Our G.O.A.T.
This is totally our number 1 kids product. The kids and all of their friends LOVE playing in this for hours. 

Best Outdoor Summer Toys
Mini Splash PadConnect it to the hose and this becomes a mini splish and splash & sprinkler.
 Great option, especially for the littler ones. 

Best Outdoor Summer Toys

Waterfall Water Table: Love that this table is so long!
 Makes it so easy for ALL the kids to play together. It also expands, making storing it for the winter a breeze! 
P.S. Our neighborhood pool has a similar set up and the kids fight over it. I completely stole the idea and I’m not sorry. 
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