Recent Amazon Purchases

Row One: Romper | Men’s SPF Swim Shirt | Acrylic Drawers/ Sunglass Holders | Play Sink

Row Two: Stain Spray | Solo Stove | Plug in Bubble Machine | Shark Cordless Stick Vac

Row Three: Knotted Charger | Acrylic Glass Set | Fruit Storage | Little Girls Gymnastics Leotard

Over the last few months I’ve made a bunch of very random Amazon purchases – who hasn’t this past year – and wanted to share some of my favorite finds with ya’ll!

This hodge podge of products have actually made my life easier in some way or the other, and let’s be honest – who doesn’t want a more easeful life.

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Recent Amazon Purchases

RomperI wear a large in this. They feel like pjs, are insanely soft and easy to wear. They’re the perfect thing to throw on when you’re running errands. 

Recent Amazon Purchases

Men’s SPF Swim ShirtJustin is super fair and avoids all kinds of sun exposure. So he swims with this on, and wears in on the beach. 

He says its very breathable and likes that it’s not tight on his midsection

Recent Amazon Purchases

Acrylic Drawers/ Sunglass Holders: I ordered this for Georgia’s room to help contain some of her little pieces and chotchkies. It feels like all of her tiny stuff is everywhere!

 These mini drawers make her room feel so much more organized and also, she might be a baby hoarder. 

Recent Amazon Purchases

Play Sink: This has been a big hit for both my 4 year old and my 1 year old nephew. 

We snagged it as a joint toy for Mamie’s house and my nephew prob enjoys playing with it more when Georgia isn’t bossing him around. The plates change color in warm water and when we’re feeling wild, we squeeze some dish soap in and let them have at the bubbles.

Recent Amazon Purchases

Stain Spraythis shiz works! If you didn’t catch it on stories, I sprayed this real-time onto one of Georgia’s CuteHeads dresses. She dripped strawberries all over the front of the light blue and white seersucker and I thought the dress was a goner. 

This stain spray literally removed the stain as soon as it hit the fabric. I also  used it on a dried coffee stain on my white tee and it took the stain completely out. I was honestly not expecting much and now I’m bulk ordering.

 I did see in the reviews that some people complained it left a bleach stain on dark clothing – I’ve only used it on light colored clothing and haven’t had any issues so spot test first on darker colors. 

Recent Amazon Purchases

Solo StoveI finally bit the bullet and got this for Justin on Father’s Day. My parents have it so we gave it a test run at their house – it’s super easy to use, low smoke and I do like the look of it, which is a bonus in the world of yard items. 

Recent Amazon Purchases

Plug in Bubble Machine: We love it so much I included it in TWO lists! 

On top of blowing a ton of bubbles, this baby uses batteries OR can be plugged in to an outlet.No more buying Double D batteries by the boatload.

 I’ve recommended this to every single mom I know and not one has regretted adding it to their cart. As another bonus, it has a fairly deep bubble solution well, so it doesn’t have to be filled as often as some other models. 

Recent Amazon Purchases

Shark Cordless Stick Vacbeing an adult means being in love with your new vacuum, and man do I LOVE this vacuum.

 It’s lightweight and super powerful, plus it fits in the broom cabinet in our laundry room. 

Recent Amazon Purchases

 Knotted Charger: This thing is FREAKING GENIUS. 

The knotted ball keeps the charger from falling/dropping where you can’t reach (no more almost falling off of the bed trying to reach my charger!). I picked it up on Prime day, not really expecting much. The cord is also super long, which has been great for recent travel. 

This is a 10/10 product for me. 

Recent Amazon Purchases

Acrylic Glass Set: Ever want that IG worthy looking bar set but don’t live that crystal life? These will get you that amazing drink pic AND they’re acrylic, so they won’t break when your kid knocks the glass of the table!

 I ordered a set for my parents as gift for their Fish Shack and we have a set for every day at our house. 

Fruit Storage: These bins not only helps to organize your fridge, but it also helps to keep fruit and veggies fresh. Justin thought I was going super overboard ordering these but truly, they keep cut fruit super fresh thanks to that grid on the bottom that keeps extra moisture away. The center dividers can be removed or used vertically/horizontally. 

My only tip is that they need to be hand washed or the lid might become wonky…not that I know that from experience or anything. 

Little Girls Gymnastics Leotard: This is Georgia’s gymnastics leotard that she wears as every day gear. She starts gymnastics in the fall but prefers to wear this get up on the reg. I’m impressed with the quality for the price point – that puppy has already been washed a ton! 

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