Outdoor Dining Must Haves

Budget Outdoor Dining Must Haves

 Row One: Clear Pitcher and Glass Set | Outdoor Tray | Blue Melamine Plate Set | Collapsible Wine Cooler Tote
Row Two: Cutlery Caddy | Iceless Wine Cooler | Outdoor Mosquito Repeller | Tablecloth Weights
Row Three: Unbreakable Rainbow Glasses | Shatterproof Pitcher | 4 part Chilled Serving Tray
We have officially hit peak outdoor dining season, and I wanted to share some dining essentials to make even the most casual BBQ feel like a truly grown up party (even though we’re still drinking out of plastic cups).
These essentials are also very green – no more styrofoam or paper plates that are constantly bending due to the weight of the food or those ugly red solo cups!
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Budget Outdoor Dining Must Haves

Clear Pitcher and Glass Set: This pitcher and glass set are beautiful, the “dew drop” pattern adds this touch of whimsy to your table. Not to mention the pitcher is the perfect size for (Long Island) Iced Tea.
Budget Outdoor Dining Must Haves

Outdoor Tray: How many of use have struggled to ungracefully carry ALL THE THINGS from the kitchen to the backyard. 
Well, no more! 
 Load this tray up and become the graceful host/ess you’ve always wanted to be! It also comes in some amazing colors.
Budget Outdoor Dining Must Haves

Blue Melamine Plate Set: First impression: THOSE ARE PLASTIC?!?! 
Enough said. No more flimsy paper plates or ruining the environment with styrofoam, pick these bad boys up and set yourself a gorgeous table. 
Best part: they’re Dishwasher safe, baby. 
Budget Outdoor Dining Must Haves

Collapsible Wine Cooler Tote: Ok, I know these look like plastic totes – but bear with me while I set the scene:
You’re at a family picnic, the lake, a friend’s BBQ and you bring your favorite bottle of white or rose. THEN you realize that there is no ice or no space in the cooler. Luckily, you remember you threw these in your bag (because they’re collapsible!), run to a store and fill them with ice for your wine. 
Wine cools down and all is right with the world again. 
*Also works for beer & champagne
Budget Outdoor Dining Must Haves
Cutlery Caddy: How many of us have used those plastic solo cups to “organize” your cutlery. 
Think of this as an affordable adult upgrade.  
Budget Outdoor Dining Must Haves
Iceless Wine Cooler: This is one of the more expensive things on the list, but it’s freaking amazing. 
Here’s why – It’ll keep your wine at the perfect temperature for up to 6 hours! I mean what bottle of wine lasts 6 hours, but that’s neither here nor there. 
This is like the Yeti, but for wine – No ice needed! Seriously a wine lovers dream
Budget Outdoor Dining Must Haves
Outdoor Mosquito Repeller: Nothing can ruin the outdoors like a swarm of mosquitos at dusk. 
Get one of these. 
It’s easy to turn on, there is no open flame, not black smoke, and best of all, no mosquitoes!
Budget Outdoor Dining Must Haves
Tablecloth Weights: The days of having the wind blow the table cloth either off the table or into your food are officially over. 
These genius little gadgets are like balloon weights for the tablecloth. 
You clip them on each corner, and enjoy a tablecloth that doesn’t blow all over the place.
Budget Outdoor Dining Must Haves
Unbreakable Rainbow Glasses: Full disclosure: I totally fell for the jewel toned glassware craze from a few years ago. 
I’ve had this set for a while and they have not just maintained their color, but have lasted various seasons.
Looking for more shatterproof glassware options? Check out my other blog post Best Unbreakable Wine Glasses
Budget Outdoor Dining Must Haves
Shatterproof Pitcher: I love the modern lines of this pitcher. 
Also, one can never have enough pitchers….we all need one for the iced tea and another for margaritas. 
Budget Outdoor Dining Must Haves
4 part Chilled Serving Tray: This I thought was truly genius. 
Not only is it perfect for any outdoor bar, but it’ll keep fruit, veggies, dips, etc. nice and cool for your guests! 
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