Amazon Halloween Decor
Ok, I’m never ready for the sugar-induced coma that is trick or treating night, but we are all geared up over here to start decorating for Halloween. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I’m not a huge seasonal decorator, but as my kids get older, I’m trying to hang in there as a fun mom, so here we are. 
I’ve put together a ghoulish pick of must-have items from Amazon to make your haunted homes look smashingly frightening without breaking the bank. I made sure to only include high impact items  for the kids with low impact work for Mom.  

Row One: I Put a Spell On You Banner | Frosted Halloween Glass Set | Giant Hairy Spider Set | White Pumpkin Set

Row Two: 12 Piece Battery Taper Candle | Hocus Pocus Door Mat | Mini Candle Lantern Set

Row Three: Pumpkin LED/Neon Sign | Bat Neon Sign | Happy Halloween Boo Banner | Skull Planter | Black Candle Holders

Row Four: Black Twig Wreath | Flock of Black Crows | Black and White Blanket | Orange and Black Buffalo Check Table Runner | Remote Controlled Candle Set

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Witches and Mummies and Ghosts….and seasonal decorating.

I Put a Spell On You Banner: What better way to let your victims (cough cough) – I mean guests know you mean business than with this cute “I Put a Spell on You” banner. The iconic anthem title from the movie Hocus Pocus is a crowd favorite. 


     Frosted Halloween Glass Set: I don’t know about you, but I love a cute black kitty. This frosted glass set adorned with adorable black cats in festive attire is such a fun way to add Halloween magic to your day!

 I love the idea of having breakfast with the kids in the morning and using these cups to liven up the day. These would even be great during a witches and warlock cocktail party to serve some “witches brew” (hint hint).  


Giant Hairy Spider Set: Arachnophobes beware! I wouldn’t want to be caught off guard in the middle of the night with these creepy critters spread about. 
These giant hairy spiders are so worth the chill. The variety of sizes is awesome for decorating different spaces. If you want to get really creative, you can use doll clothing to accessorize these bad boys like members of your family. 

White Pumpkin Set: This white pumpkin set is a triple win in my humble opinion. The pumpkins serve as a great decorating set for the Fall, Halloween for sure, and can even be included in your Thanksgiving decor as well. 
Mix matching these pumpkins, which come in a great variety of sizes, with other decorative would be beautiful for a porch design or even around a mantle/fireplace. I also love using pumpkins in my dining room decor. 
The smaller pieces can be used for a table setting, while the larger options can be used around the house. 

12 Piece Battery Taper Candle: Tapered candles give peak Halloween ghostly vibes. Battery operated means no risk of burning or fires and that makes for a very happy mom. They also fit standard-size candle holders! 
Hocus Pocus Door Mat: Let’s all take a moment and have a fangirl moment here! I know the Hocus Pocus sequel isn’t due for another year, but why not celebrate with this awesome doormat?! 
The pop of iconic colors and the bold black background make this a show stopper right at your front door. This will definitely let your guests know you are a BYOB (Bring your own broomstick) house!
Mini Candle Lantern Set: I have so many of these mini lantern sets! They are so realistic and the small size means they can be used all over your home. 
They can be hung around the backyard, used around patio furniture, or even your front porch for the ultimate spooky feel. I’ll also give you another tip – set them up with the pumpkin set above and add some fake spider webs, a few giant hairy spiders, and you’ve got the best Halloween display!

Pumpkin LED/Neon Sign: Love, love, love neon LED signs! This pumpkin light-up sign is great for decorating your little one’s room for Halloween without a making mess. 
Definitely a modern twist to Halloween decor that makes a statement. I can totally see this in a home office as well. Its cordless design makes it a great paperweight or shelf addition.
 Bat Neon Sign: Another LED sign, but in a really great bat design. This gives me chic bat woman vibes. I think it’s so cool that you can hang this one up or leave it connected to a USB port for use. 
This would be great for living room or bedroom decor.
Happy Halloween Boo Banner: The play on words here makes me giggle! This Happy Halloween Boo Banner is all things adorable, fun, and easy to put together. Great for school parties for the kids or at home to decorate on Halloween. 

Skull Planter: Who else thinks I should leave this planter out all year-’round?! Seriously, how beautiful is this skull planter!
 I love putting succulents in the kitchen and bathroom for a burst of natural color and this skull design just makes it edgy but still delicate. 
Black Twig Wreath: A modern Halloween wreath, not covered in mounds of heavy glitter, and that doesn’t shed?! SOLD! 
This black twig wreath is such an eye-catcher. It can be spread out or kept more tightly woven together so you can room to make it more custom. The light shimmer makes it stand out whether indoor or outdoor too!
Flock of Black Crows: What’s more ominous than a flock of black crows?! This crow set is so cool. I love that you can bend the wired wings and legs to flex these into any stance you want. Hang them from light fixtures or prop them up on pumpkins. They look so life-like you will not be disappointed with the quality.

Orange and Black Buffalo Check Table Runner: This screams “October frame of mind”. Keep your dining table or entry-way table up to holiday code with this fa-boo-lous buffalo check table runner. 
It’s such a statement piece you do not need to add much more to the decor for a finished-off look. 

Black and White Blanket: Everyone needs a staple holiday blanket and this is your Halloween pick! It’s 100% cotton so no scratchy werewolf feels here. 
This can be a decorative throw for your living room or use it to cuddle up the little ones while watching your favorite Halloween movie picks on Friday night.

Black Candle Holders: Sexy on Halloween is for more than skimpy costumes ladies! 
These black candle holders are va, va, voom! I love how sleek and minimalistic they are. Match them up with a red or purple candle for a gloomy chic look. 

Remote Controlled Candle Set: Remote control candles are the decor staple I could no longer live without. We all know I love a multiple-use item, I mean who doesn’t right?!
 The candles can be used as a stand-alone to light up windows, porch walk-ups, or a dining table set up. You can add them into lanterns or behind pumpkins for illumination. And the best part is that with the battery-operated remote control set up you do not need to worry about fires, the wind knocking these over, or turning them off.
 You can simply turn it on for the amount of time you want and choose what type of flame action you like. No muss, no fuss!