Ballet Favorites for Little Girls

Ok all, September is here, and while I was ready for back-to-school, extracurricular activities caught me off guard. I had to quickly get things together for Georgia’s ballet class. Which let me just say, why do they need SOOO many accessories?!

To make sure you all look like a mom who is put together, I made a list of my and Georgia’s favorite ballet things. 

These have been our tried and true picks, durable, stretchy, and easy to clean! 

Plus most of them play double duty in our lives! 

Amazon Ballet Favorites for Little Girls

Row One: Seersucker Tote Bag | Long Sleeved Leotard | Long Sleeved Leotard | Custom Drawstring Bag
Row Two: Faux Wrap Skirt | Wrap Bun Maker | Long Sleeved Tutu Leotard | Extra Small Donut Bun Maker | Flutter Sleeve Skirted Leotard
Row Three: Tutu Tank Leotard | Thin Strap Tutu Leotard | Bestselling Ballet Shoes | Short Sleeve Leotard | Racerback Tank Tutu Leotard
Row Four: Hair Elastic Remover | Hair Spray Bottle | Ribbon Hair Bow Clips | 3 Pack Dance Tights | Bobby Pins

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Amazon Ballet Favorites for Little Girls

 Seersucker Tote Bag: I’m a sucker for some seersucker! Okay, okay – I’ve used up my mom joke for the day! I love this pink seersucker tote bag for storing all of Georgia’s ballet clothes and necessities for class.

Wide enough to fit more than a few changes of clothes, shoes, snacks, her water bottle, and even a jacket in case it’s chilly. Best part, clean up – just throw in the wash and let air dry.  This also is a great weekender bag for the kiddos!
Amazon Ballet Favorites for Little Girls

Long Sleeved Leotard: You can never have too many leotards for your little one’s ballet class. I like grabbing a few of these long sleeve leotards to have on hand in case of spills before class or if I can’t get to the laundry fast enough. 
The material feels almost like a moisture wick style and I haven’t noticed any shrinkage on Georgia after washing which is always a win!
Amazon Ballet Favorites for Little Girls

Long Sleeved Leotard: Same as above but needed to show you all how great this option is because the colors don’t bleed and I’ve noticed no fading after washing! 
Amazon Ballet Favorites for Little Girls
Custom Drawstring Bag: Cute and convenient sums up this custom drawstring bag. I love that you can have your little ballerina’s name printed on the bag so there’s no confusion when leaving class what bag belongs to whom. 
And there are 40 different color choices to pick from so if you have multiple dancers in the family each can have their own color. 
Amazon Ballet Favorites for Little Girls
Faux Wrap Skirt: Another great option to have in your ballet tote is this faux wrap skirt. Sometimes the dance studio can be a bit chilly and Georgia prefers a bit more coverage so we put these on. They are definitely adorable and the material flows so wonderfully. 
Can you think of a better sight?!
Amazon Ballet Favorites for Little Girls
Wrap Bun Maker: Here’s a pick for all my moms that struggle with the standard ballet bun! If I can make a ballet bun in less than a minute with these wrap bun makers so can you.
This pack gives you the choice of two small and two large wraps so play with sizing depending on the length and texture of your little ones hair.  
Amazon Ballet Favorites for Little Girls
 Long Sleeved Tutu Leotard: I melt every time I think of Georgia in this tutu leotard. The photo doesn’t do this color justice! It’s a great piece for recitals with the perfect amount of fabric and stretch.

 I also love that it doubles as a dress-up outfit versus a more expensive princess costume. In fact, she wore this last Halloween in white – paired with bunny ears and a tail! 

Amazon Ballet Favorites for Little Girls
Extra Small Donut Bun Maker: If you’ve ever invested in one of these donut bun makers and then had an “accident” with it (a.k.a. your child throws it in the toilet to see if it floats) or lose it in transit from the car ride home this multiple pack is for you! Does its job and you can store the rest in a ziplock in the seersucker tote bag. 
Amazon Ballet Favorites for Little Girls

Flutter Sleeve Skirted Leotard: Butter on a ballerina! I kid you not. The soft material of this flutter sleeve skirted leotard is great for the warmer months of classes and is very breathable. 
We own and love this, it washes so well.
Amazon Ballet Favorites for Little Girls
Tutu Tank Leotard: The puff! Can we all just take a moment and appreciate the puff here. It can be disappointing to order a tutu leotard and it arrives just flat. I
 promise you will not have that problem here. 
Another that we own and love! 
Amazon Ballet Favorites for Little Girls
Thin Strap Tutu Leotard: If your blossoming dancer fusses with sleeves then this thin strap tutu leotard is for them. A bit more subtle in the puff area with a nice stretch so the straps don’t tug or fall. We can vouch for this one, too! 
Amazon Ballet Favorites for Little Girls
Bestselling Ballet Shoes: They aren’t kidding when they say these are the best-selling ballet shoes out there. With thousands of positive ratings on Amazon raving about sizing, durability, and quality I can tell you it’s an easy win. 
The elastic straps make it so easy for Georgia to get them on and off on her own and the subtle pink color make them a nice match to any leotard. 
Amazon Ballet Favorites for Little Girls

 Short Sleeve Leotard: Another ballet essential! here with the short sleeve leotard. Great fit with a comfortable scoop neck and it’s not sheer! Comfort win for sure! 
Amazon Ballet Favorites for Little Girls
Racerback Tank Tutu Leotard: Double lining down the front, perfect amount of puff, and the racerback design is a sweet change from the normal high back. I repeat, you can never have too many leotards and this is an essential score! 
And yes….we own this one, too.
Amazon Ballet Favorites for Little Girls

Hair Elastic Remover: The inner child in me is jumping for joy with this hair elastic remover and the mom in me is doing the viral savage choreography to celebrate. I mean, a total high five-ing yourself moment. I cannot tell you how many elastic knot disasters I have avoided with this remover. 
We all know ballet buns involve a certain amount of hair product (read: half a bottle of hair spray) to keep it all together and that takes time to remove. There’s a bit of a learning curve when using this but once you get the hang of sliding the remover under the elastic you’re a certified pro. 

No hair pulling, no knots, and no crying. 

Where was this when I was a child?! 
Amazon Ballet Favorites for Little Girls
Hair Spray Bottle: Le sigh, the hair spray. Am I the only mom who gets their little one together for class and then the moment you get out of the car there’s that one alfalfa hair sticking up to mock you from afar. I, for the sake of my sanity, think not so here’s our solution. 
This ergonomic hair spray bottle lets you fill up enough to do a quick spray before class without having to start shuffling for big tins of hair spray and shaking all about. This bottle can also be used with plain water to double as a face mister when you or you’r little gets flushed during class. 
Amazon Ballet Favorites for Little Girls
Ribbon Hair Bow Clips: Move over Jojo Siwa our babies are coming through with the bows! I mean color choices for days here. This pack of bows is great for so many reasons. 
I love that each color comes double for multiple pony tails or just one.  There are also different shades of each color to pick from so matching outfits isn’t a hassle either. You are going to get so much use out of these bows, in and out of class. 
Amazon Ballet Favorites for Little Girls
3 Pack Dance Tights: These dance tights are so thick and stretchy. No need to worry about the dreaded droop! I find them to be true to size too. 
Amazon Ballet Favorites for Little Girls

Bobby Pins: Bobby pins speak for themselves, am I right? They always come in handy, you can never have to many, and it’s always better just to add in some for security. I love loading up on them and leaving them in Georgia’s ballet tote. I also have a tin full for myself on my vanity. 

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