1: Electronic Measuring Cup Scale | 2: Glass Meal Prep/Storage Containers | 3: Fruit Storage Containers for Fridge
4: Salad Chopper | 5: Sheet Pans | 6: Electronic Food Scale | 7: 100 oz Water Bottle
8: Stackable Measuring Cups | 9: Collapsible Measuring Spoons | 10: Water Bottle with Infuser
This year is all about becoming better than you were last year – even if it’s one small step at a time. Post pandemic life and weight have been difficult for pretty much everyone but today we turn a new leaf!
The best way to ensure success on your path to a new lifestyle and a healthier relationship with food is to prepare yourself with all of the tools to get you to your goal. Here is your go-to list for essential tools to kick your weight loss goals out of the park!
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1: Electronic Measuring Cup Scale: I genuinely didn’t know this product existed before – it is a game-changer! This Electronic Measuring Cup Scale reduces meal prep time so significantly because you’re killing two birds with one stone. Being able to measure how much you need and confirm you’re consuming the exact amount you’re supposed to be is phenomenal. Thus eliminating the need for multiple kitchen items.
2: Glass Meal Prep/Storage Containers: Glass Meal Prep/Storage Containers are my absolute preference when storing food. A huge pet peeve of mine is how easily plastic containers stain, quickly start looking gross and break. How counterproductive is it when you don’t find the dish that’s holding your meal appealing? These containers come with airtight lids, in various sizes, and are microwavable/dishwasher safe. Winners all around!
3: Fruit Storage Containers for Fridge: If you’ve ever struggled to keep your fruits (and even veggies) nice and crisp long enough to make a healthy snack choice then I have the solution for you. These Fruit Storage Containers for the Fridge are so awesome. You can precut your fruits for packing and simply pull them when you’re ready to eat. I also love that there are two sides so it maximizes your storage options.
4: Salad Chopper: First off, this Salad Chopper is a great buy simply because it makes you feel very badass. What can be better than chopping up a hearty salad you’ve just made like a fat-destroying Ninja?! Those that get it, get it! Seriously though, this is more than a salad chopper, use it for quick chopping of veggies for your meal prepping or cooking too.
5: Sheet Pans: Sheet Pans are essential for quick and easy healthy meals. These are great for roasting your veggies or making sheet pan dinners. The options are endless, you can prep all your vegetables for the week with one pan and use the other for your proteins. For the ultimate flavor punch, layout your veggies on the pan and place chicken breasts or fish on top. The juiciness is so satisfying!
6: Electronic Food Scale: If your weight loss journey includes monitoring macronutrients (go you by the way!) or weighing your portions then having an Electronic Food Scale is how you stay successful. I have used this scale so much for prepping meals you’d be impressed. I love to buy our proteins in bulk, season the meat, weigh out the amount I need, then freeze individually for the future. It takes the guessing and stress out of defrosting! The same goes for your veggies and carbs. Weigh your veggies after you’ve cooked them on your sheet pans and then store what you need for each day. This scale is lightweight and portable for on the go!
7: 100 oz Water Bottle: Hydration is the key to all lifestyle changes. No one can make good decisions while being thirsty and frankly, dehydration drains us all (no pun intended)! It’s hard to keep up with water intake if you’re constantly having to fill your water bottle up, losing track of how much you’ve consumed, or having to carry so many bottles at one time. The 100 oz Watter Bottle is absolutely adorable and functional! It notes how much water you should have had by what time to keep track.  I warn one – everyone (in your household and outside) is going to start asking you where you snagged this bad boy! haha
8: Stackable Measuring Cups: Stackable Measuring Cups are helpful for healthy eating and kitchen organization. Having kitchen tools all over the place and falling over will push anyone towards a delivery service. Keep your space tidy and avoid the confusion of having to google the conversions of cups, oz, and ml.
9: Collapsible Measuring Spoons: Measuring spoons are like socks in my home. I always got excited to buy a new set and by the third use, I was missing one! Extremely frustrating, right?! Once I found Collapsible Measuring Spoons relief set in. These stack right up, lay flat, and take up minimal space so I keep them in the same nook of my utensil drawer. You can use hang them up as well and they are great for travel as well! If you’re making yourself protein shakes on the go this is a great option versus that bulky cup they normally provide.
10: Water Bottle with Infuser: If you fancy a crisp cucumber lemon water then having a Water Bottle with Infuser kit is the way to go. Keep your fruits cut and prepped in the fruit storage container listed above and then drop them in the infuser in the morning and fill the bottle with water. This bottle also motivates you to drink a certain amount of water by a certain time to stay on course. Then when you’re done, it comes with its own cleaning tool! How great is that – no grime or gunk from the fruit.