1: Women’s Down Coat  | 2: Men’s Lightweight Waterproof Puffer  | 3: Women’s Teddy Bear Coat  |
4: Boy’s Lightweight Puffer Vest | 5: Boy’s Fleece Coat | 6: Girl’s Down Jacket | 7: Girls Heavyweight Hooded Puffer | 8: Boy’s Lightweight Puffer Jacket | 9: Girl’s Quarter-Zip Fleece Pull-Over | 10: Boy’s Heavyweight Puffer Vest
As we get into the full swing of the Winter Season I like to revamp my warehouse (otherwise known as the entry coat closet) of affordable cold-weather gear. Layers are a great way to tackle those coldest or windiest days and still be comfortable.
Everyone in my home has a different threshold for cold and these picks make getting everyone nice and cozy a breeze! Outerwear can become a serious investment with a growing family and growing bodies. Here are layering options, solid coats, and cozy vests at a fraction of the cost.
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1: Women’s Down Coat: Here she is in all her glory, the Women’s Down Coat. She’s been an Amazon bestseller for a solid amount of time and with reason. With an array of colors, a wide range of sizes, and thousands of reviews confirming how warm and functional this coat is at a fraction price! No brainer!

2: Men’s Lightweight Waterproof Puffer: Having a great, sturdy winter coat is essential but not always realistic for men depending on their jobs or travel. I love this Men’s Lightweight Waterproof Puffer as a solid base layer. It can be worn under a heavy-duty winter while in transit but while working or activity it’s breathable, water-resistant, and has inside pockets!
3: Women’s Teddy Bear Coat: Who says warmth can’t be cute? I adore this Teddy Bear coat. The fabric is soft and the design is flattering. The color options are amazing (check out the red one- just wow). A fancier coat option for going out for events or even a sunny winter day where you don’t need much.
4: Boy’s Lightweight Puffer Vest: Vests are perfect for layering the little ones and not overdoing it. This Lightweight Puffer Vest can be worn with a long-sleeved shirt under or on top of a thicker sweater. The wider cut is great so they don’t feel squished.
5: Boy’s Fleece Coat: Fleece Coats are the essential winter item. They can be worn on top of a few layers of clothing to be a light jacket or on top of a shirt with a heavy coat on for a full-on winter cover. This Boy’s Fleece Coat sports a full zipper with fun side pockets.
6: Girl’s Down Coat: This is the mini-me version of the Women’s Down Coat listed above. With all of the same great features: warm faux fur hood, down filling, accessible pockets in an array of colors but for your little human! Also at a really affordable price. Kid’s coats can be so expensive and they grow out of them so quickly it hurts to spend so much for one season.
7: Girls Heavyweight Hooded Puffer: Now a down coat for winter is great but never shy away from a Heavyweight Hooded Puffer. They are so warm and feel super snuggly. Fleece-lined inside with a double enclosure of zipper and buttons. I like that this puffer also has a snow skirt so there’s no uncomfortable pull at the waistline.
8: Boy’s Lightweight Puffer Jacket: If you’ve ever had your little boy stuff their coat in their bookbag after school then you’ll totally get why this Lightweight Puffer Jacket is a great pick. It’s a perfect option to layer on top of a thermal and heavy sweater and it becomes quite compact. This would be a solid travel or day-to-day option, especially if your boy gets warm quickly and likes to shed layers.
9: Girl’s Quarter-Zip Fleece Pull-Over: This Girl’s Quarter-Zip Fleece Pull-Over made out of sherpa fleece is a dream. Extremely comfortable on the go option that is another perfect layering pick. Multiple designs and color options are available, this fleece goes well with all types of outfits and events.
10: Boy’s Heavyweight Puffer Vest: A Heavyweight Puffer Vest can be the best option for on-the-go outerwear or outside activities. It warms the chest so well and layers great with a comfy fleece under for easy movement.  I love that it zippers all the way up and has side pockets that easily fit hands and cute mittens.