Classroom Valentine Treat Ideas (that aren't food)
1: Mini Compass Carabiners | 2: Heart Shaped Sunglasses | 3: Classic Multi-Color Pens
4: Glow in the Dark Spy Pens | 5: Crazy Straws | 6: Mini Fidget Poppers | 7: Mini Play-Doh Tubs
8: Mini Tic Tac Toe Key Chains | 9: Emoji Pencil Sharpener | 10: Rainbow Pop It Bracelets
February is here y’all and we’ve hit the ground running again. Valentine’s Day is around the corner and with school closures happening left and right these kiddos need some fun. And even I could use some good ol’ fashioned kid happiness.
With all the different school restrictions on gifts and treats you’re allowed to give out, I compiled a list of goodies that will be sure to have every kid smiling and give all parents reassurance. Great price points and easy bulk buys.
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1: Mini Compass Carabiners: Gray is attaching Mini Compass Carabiners to his Science themed Valentine’s Day cards this year and I love how different it is. Such a unique way to introduce your little one’s interests to their cards and gifts, and then share that interest with their friends and classmates.
2: Heart-Shaped Sunglasses: Right on trend these Heart-Shaped Sunglasses are super sweet and great for all kids (even the teachers will be styling). They come in an array of colors and last much longer than you’d ever expect! Great bulk buy for a class of any age.
3: Classic Multi-Color Pens: Classic Multi-Color Pens take me way back! Each pen has 6 different ink color options and is easy to use. Multi-Color pens are great for car rides or restaurant visits. Definitely a win for the artistic little ones.
4: Glow in the Dark Spy Pens: Let’s face it, everyone dreams of being a super cool spy at some point in time. Personally, I was a super secretive babysitter spy, solving mysteries at every babysitting session. haha! These Glow in the Dark Spy Pens have “invisible ink” that can only be deciphered in the dark after flashing the UV penlight. Both kids got them as stocking stuffers last Christmas and we’ve been trading spy notes ever since!
5: Crazy Straws: Crazy Straws are such a hoot! Georgia is so excited to attach these to her school Valentine’s this year.  Simple joys are always the sweetest and these do not disappoint. Adorned with Valentine’s Day characters and hearts I bet even the teachers will enjoy these with their morning iced coffees.
6: Mini Fidget Poppers: Fidget Poppers are all the rage and I can seriously see why! Have you held one of these?! Trust me when I tell you it’s so weirdly comforting and relaxing. And we can never have too many ways to relax these kids. Mini Fidget Poppers can be used as key chains or to decorate backpacks or lunch boxes. They come in fun colors and different shapes.
7: Mini Play-Doh Tubs: Mini Play-Duh Tubs are a wonderful sensory gift for any kid to create and play. You can make pretty much anything out of play-duh and see kids use their imagination in a way that lets them be kids!
8: Mini Tic Tac Toe Key Chains: Tic Tac Toe use to be my jam! So having a set on a key chain is endless fun. Kids can clip these to their backpacks for bus rides or car ride fun. I also like the idea that it’s a gift they can play together during their free time.
9: Emoji Pencil Sharpener: A true class gift classic, the pencil sharpener. These Emoji Pencil Sharpeners are truly a functional and cute gift for the class. Each pack comes with 24 sharpeners in a variety of facial expressions.
10: Rainbow Pop It Bracelets: Another variety of the fidget popper, these are Rainbow Pop It Bracelets. I love these because they hold up well as bracelets on the kids very well and are an awesome sensory gift. They come in a fun tie-dye design with rainbow colors.