1. Fire Tablet | 2. Kids Neck Pillow | 3. Dry Erase Activity Pad | 4. Collapsible Water Bottle
5. Sticker Book | 6. Mini Play-Doh Kit | 7. Water Wow Books | 8. Snack Containers 9. Instaprint Camera 10. Reusable Sticker Books | 11. Bluetooth Headphones | 12. Disposable Activity Tray Covers
13. Rainbow Doodle Board | 14. Headphones | 15. Inflatable Foot Rest/Pillow 
Vacationing should always be relaxing right?! Well half of that is preparing yourself for serious downtime and travels. I’ve put together a tried and tested list of activity pads, sticker books, some comfy additions, and my top electronic picks to make sure your littles are all set on their travels.
Items for as much or as little space you have to spare and at all price points! 
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1. Fire Tablet: The Fire Tablet is absolutely amazing! There’s nothing you wouldn’t love about it. Built in functionality allows you to pick and choose which games and shows are permanent on the tablet. 
If you have wifi then you can download more games, stories, or shows. The parental controls are easy to follow and very specific if that’s what you need. No more surprise purchases or being unsure about what your kiddo is watching. 
2. Kids Neck Pillow: I honestly wouldn’t think to ever travel without my neck pillow and this works wonders for Georgia. 
It honestly doubles as a cute plush toy they can snuggle with but I love how fitted it is on her neck. 
3. Dry Erase Activity Pad: If you’re limited in space for your little one I highly recommend getting this Dry Erase Activity Pad. 
It’s has 20 reusable activity pages and includes the markers. For added fun you can always grab a mini pack of markers too! 
4. Collapsible Water Bottle: A Collapsible Water Bottle is a dream! I can’t even explain how many times I get off a flight and have those little bottles of water just in pushed into every nook and cranny available in our bags. This creates for an environmentally friendly solution to that problem. Simply open up after security and fill up and as needed. 
Once you’re de boarding it gets emptied and stored. It’s also great for beach use! Use the carabiner to clip the bottle to your bag for access on the go. 
5. Sticker Book: If you remember from our Christmas gift lists Ada Twist is a real hit! 
Her sticker brainstorm book is activity packed with a ton of cool stickers, puzzles, and games to play. 

6. Mini Play-Doh Kit: This Mini Play-Doh Kit is absolutely adorable! It’s a full sensory kit with play-dog, hunny bees, and flowers to work with. It comes all in a small container for travel and storage. 
Small kits like this are good for quiet time where you don’t want to pull out all the gadgets and gizmos. 
7. Water Wow Books: Another must have from the Christmas lists, Water Wow Books are awesome entertainment for the kids. They love seeing the colors come through on the different scene pages. 
You can get a solid 40-50 uses out of these bad boys! 
8. Snack Containers: Snack Containers are a must on all travels. I love these silicone containers to hold gold fish, crackers, and even some Oreos for myself, haha. 
They are durable and a quick rinse to clean. They’re squishy and easy for the littles to use too!
9. Instaprint Camera: This is my favorite addition to the kids bag. The Instaprint Camera is great for littles who aren’t ready for real cameras or film yet. It really allows them to be engaged in what they see and capture their memories on film. 
Having them snap photos of what they see out of the plane window or at your destination is the best gift. 
10. Reusable Sticker Books: Reusable Sticker Books are easy fun on a plane. These books come with multiple pages of different background scenes that they can use the stickers to create looks with. Mermaids, fashion (think lots of dress and shoes to pick from), and fairy life. 
Best part is that they’re so affordable it’s not the end of the world if a few pieces go missing here and there. 
11. Bluetooth Headphones: Most planes are equipped with Bluetooth connections now so having Bluetooth Headphones is a hit. Not having cords, if you can help it, is always convenient, and with these, your kids can watch movies in flight and use their tablets.
12: Disposable Activity Tray Covers: Ok I’d be lying if I said these were for the kids and not for my peace of mind. Germs on a plane are inevitable and this Disposable Activity Tray Cover set eases the stress of having to wipe down the tray table over and over. 
Added bonus it has activities like tic tac toe, word search, and a map for entertainment. 
13. Rainbow Doodle Board: We love a Doodle Board over here! This rainbow doodle board is fun for everyone while in the air. We take turns playing games or drawing designs the others have to guess. 
I love that this doodle board is electronic and comes with a pen, which makes it reusable for endless fun!
14. Headphones: These are a must for tablets! If you’re working with a tablet that doesn’t have wifi connection these Headphones with cord and jack are great. 
Adjustable sides help secure a better fit, the color is a hit with kids, and I like how cushioned the headphones are. 
15. Inflatable Foot Rest/Pillow: Sitting on a flight can be really uncomfty for little legs that hang from the seats. Inflatable Foot Rests, which also double as pillows, certainly help them get settled and also prevent them from kicking the seat in front of them. 
They are easy to store and inflate in under a couple of minutes.