1. Chiffon Cape | 2. Silky Slip Skirt  | 3. Ombre Sarong | 4. Crochet Swimsuit Cover Up Dress
5. Beach Shorts | 6. Tie Waist Pants | 7. Aqua and Coral Kaftan | 8. White Tunic Cover Up
Ladies, we will be styling in comfort, sass, and pure beauty this Summer because I’m making sure we’re all prepared. I’ve done the try-on for a few brands, we’ve gone over my top swimsuit picks, and now we’re tackling the Best Swim Cover-Ups for All Bodies! No matter your shape, size, or build – I got y’all covered. 
There will be tops, bottoms, and dresses alike to choose from. No excuses ladies! We’re hitting the beaches, pools, and lakes running. 
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1. Chiffon Cape: Retro vibes are back in and this Chiffon Cape gives the coolest peace and love vibes. It’s so light on the skin, with wide 3/4 sleeves. I love how it’s long enough to cover your bum and mid-thigh but doesn’t drag along giving you a solid amount of coverage. 
2. Silky Slip Skirt: I hadn’t previously used a Silky Slip Skirt like this as a cover-up and boy do I regret it. It is so soft and luxurious! Now what I find is best about it is its functionality so to speak. Cover-ups, depending on where you are can be tricky. Do you want a lot of coverage so you can walk into establishments or are you just on the beach so being really covered isn’t necessary? Well, when going to resorts or being in hotels or even running last-minute errands before the beach I really dislike having to go in the places half-naked – here’s the most fashionable solution!
3. Ombre Sarong: If it’s not broke don’t fix it right!? Sarongs are classic, sexy, and give you flexibility with how much coverage you want. This Ombre Sarong is great if you’re looking to add something to your beach or pool attire. Let’s say you’re not ready to venture off to colors but don’t want to look like you’re hitting a funeral at the beach then this is great to spice things up. Fun fact, you can also pull it up and around your neck to make it into a dress. It’s so simple to do and once you learn your mind will be blown!
4. Crochet Swimsuit Cover Up Dress: I absolutely love, love, love this Crochet Swimsuit Cover-Up Dress.   It looks absolutely amazing on everyone and automatically gives that Tahitian beauty glow-up look. lol. If you’re not into cover-ups that hug too close to the skin this is a great option. The crochet has a nice amount of stretch and feels light. There are also endless color options!
5. Beach Shorts: Personally, I prefer Beach Shorts like this for the pool, I know I’m weird, but they work great for anything really. These shorts are a great choice for a brunch to pool/beach day or even the reverse with dinner. They are a gauzy material that allows for some stretch and the waistband definitely gives you room. I also find the material does well with sand and water. It doesn’t bulk up and get tough, thus irritating the skin. 
6. Tie Waist Pants: I know not everyone is into pants for the pool or beach but if I had to give you a recommendation then these are it! Wide leg, light material, and a tie waist! Do you know what that means?! Comfort ladies, comfort! Easy to slip on in between dips, the material dries so quickly so you’re not trudging half the pool with you as you walk, and wrinkle resistant with anti-static. A dream pick!
7. Aqua and Coral Kaftan: Glamour meets poolside bungalow and there you have the Kaftan. Kaftans are meant to be oversized, bright in color and pattern, and have lots of material. For the price, this Aqua and Coral Kaftan is a steal! If you’re unsure of any of the fits of the items I’ve reviewed and aren’t sure what your vibe is going to be then I say snag this one. I promise it’s going to give you major beach queen vibes and you’re going to love it. Extremely flattering on all body types and if you’re on the modest end then this will certainly give you the most coverage and comfort. 
8. White Tunic Cover-Up: A White Tunic Cover-Up is another classic go-to for swimwear. No chance of chub rub, nothing sticking to your arms, no wet wedgies (those are cruel and unusual punishment for getting wet), just coverage and a cool breeze. Flattering for all body shapes and sizes.