1. Bounce House  | 2. Helicopter Sprinkler | 3. Two-Tier Water Table 
4. Bubble Machine | 5. Sand and Water Picnic Table | 6. Turtle Sprinkler
7. Splash Pad | 8. Inflatable Unicorn Sprinkler | 9. Slip n Slide | 10. Splash Kiddie Pool
When you’re a busy parent with even busier kids the Summertime can come as a shock with a slow down of events, programs, and commitments. The savior to that downtime is backyard fun! I’ve got your essentials list for Backyard Water Toys for Kids. 
With a variety of price points, some toys can even be used indoors once the colder weather comes around, and I even have a multi-season heavy hitter (although not water) that will be a mega-hit with all the kids in the family for years to come. 
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1. Bounce House: The big kahuna of backyard fun – the Bounce House – it is not a water item but I could not make this list without it. If you know you know! This bad boy is great for BBQs, birthday parties, family get-togethers, you name it. We have owned one for years and even replaced our first when it was accidentally attacked by a weed whacker haha. A Bounce House at home will honestly save you so much money and trips to get this level of entertainment. 
2. Helicopter Sprinkler: If your kids are happily entertained with running around and sprinklers then this Helicopter Sprinkler is great. With spinning propellers shooting water it makes for a splash of a time. 
3. Two-Tier Water Table: We own and love this Two-Tier Water Table! It’s held up for years and has grown with the kids. There’s so much you can do with this table. I’ve seen some moms hook it up to a sprinkler for added effect, or decorate with sea life or river theme. Options for fun are endless!
4. Bubble Machine: Not a water toy but this bubble machine is certainly still as valuable and fun! I’ve owned one for years and it still holds up. No need to keep refilling with the solution either, the well holds so much it lasts for hours!
5. Sand and Water Picnic Table: Sensory play is great all year long. A Sand and Water Picnic Table is easily a warmer weather favorite. It comes with a removable top, two play boxes, and a removable umbrella. This picnic table can also be used without the water in the colder months and definitely gives you a bang for your buck! 
6. Turtle Sprinkler: This Turtle Sprinkler is so adorable. You simply attach it to your backyard water hose and let the kids run free. If you’re not ready for a pool option or bigger inflatable set up this is perfect for you.
7. Splash Pad: I love Splash Pad because of how simple they are and how well they can be stowed away once done, and even travel. Extremely quick setup and takedown for a no-fuss water fun day. This one features a shallow water bottom which is safer for the babies.  
8. Inflatable Unicorn Sprinkler: Alright, I’ve seen this Inflatable Unicorn Sprinkler in action and it was a true hit! It is large, buyer fair warned lol, but isn’t that the point?! Fun and over the top for an amazing Summertime event. 
9. Slip n Slide: A Summertime classic, the Slip n Slide turns any regular day into a full-fledged simulated water park adventure. This updated version has three rows and comes with water boards and comes at an amazing price point. Easy to inflate and long-lasting for many summers to come!

10. Splash Kiddie Pool: A Splash Kiddie Pool is a great backyard option for families with little ones. No need to fill to the top as this pool comes with sprinkles for an added water fun effect. The coolest part is this can be inflated indoors during the colder months and filled up to make a ball pit!