No Pool, No Problem: The Best Backyard Toys for Summer

No Pool, No Problem: The Best Backyard Toys for Summer


1. Two-Step Water Table | 2. Giant Dino Sprinkler | 3. Bounce House | 4. Flying Saucer Swing
5. Water Park Bouncy | 6. Splash Pad | 7. Bounce and Splash Paddle Game | 8. Wooden Playhouse
9. Classic Slip and Slide | 10. Swing and Slide Set | 11. Unicorn Blow Up Pool
12. Blow Up Pool with Mini Slide | 13. Trampoline with Safety Net
Inspiration comes very quick when you have Summer heat coming, a home full of kiddos out of school, and no pool to cool off in. No fretting here though! I’ve got you covered. No Pool, No Problem! There are endless options to keep everyone in the house happy and enjoying the vacation days – even while at home. 
Playhouses, water slides, and even a giant Dinosaur sprinkler. Here’s a variety of options for multiple age groups and some pretty awesome prices as well. 
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1. Two-Step Water Table: We owned this exact water table for years and it always came through! The kids loved it and could play for hours. 
2. Giant Dino Sprinkler: I want this – I do. haha. I’m feeling like this is an essential Flintstones Summer Birthday accessory. Ok, no birthday party is necessary – this Dino Sprinkler has an easy setup and is simply fun to run around. 
3. Bounce House: I’ll say it now and I’ll say it again. This Bounce House is the Big Kahuna of Summer toys. At the most affordable price on the market, it is hours of fun and can entertain multiple kids, of different ages. Definitely a great addition to summer BBQs and family gatherings. 

4. Flying Saucer Swing: This Flying Saucer Swing brings back childhood memories. I love how fun the design is with the colorful flags and there are multiple ways to set up the swing. 
5. Water Park Bouncy: How cool is this Water Park Bouncy?! A climbing panel, water cannon. and massive slide into a mini pool. This thing is pretty massive in all the good ways. I can see kids being on this all day long and never get tired of seeing it out. 
6. Splash Pad: Splash pads are my favorite for the smaller/younger kids. The animal designs on the pad are fun to point out and name for babies. If you have a running toddler then this is great for them to run through and sit in to splash/have sensory play. The best part is the easy setup and breakdown. Drain, roll, finished. 
7. Bounce and Splash Paddle Game: Paddles, 2 paddle balls, and 30 water balloons make up an intense game of Bounce and Splash Paddle. This is a new one, but a really cool Summer game that can be played wet or dry. Essentially it’s a paddle ball game where you can swap out a ball for water balloons. Brilliant. 
8. Wooden Playhouse: Not of the water variety but a Wooden Playhouse is a childhood staple if you can provide this. Imaginations come to life when they can play house, decorate their space with things they find in their backyard, and invite friends and family to play inside. 

9. Classic Slip and Slide: I love the price of this Classic Slip and Slide. Less than $20 and hours of sliding fun. Adults can even get in on this action!

10. Swing and Slide Set: Who needs to pack everyone up into a car and head to a hot playground when you have a Swing and Slide Set at home! Another affordable price option for a big-ticket item. This set has a full slide, with two swings, and a climbing wall. I normally see sets like this go for upwards of a thousand dollars. 

11. Unicorn Blow Up Pool: Georgia would live for this Unicorn Blow Up Pool and never get out. Frankly, it is a pretty cool design with the Unicorn head coming up as a sprinkler and her legs and tail the stairs to the slide. 
12. Blow Up Pool with Mini Slide: We owned this exact Blow-Up Pool with Mini Slide when Grey was 3 and it was his favorite thing all Summer. It’s pretty shallow but deep enough to actually lay in the water to cool off. The additional ring toss and ball games are a wonderful added touch. 
13. Trampoline with Safety Net: Call me crazy but I truly love a trampoline. I feel like a kid again and want to try (at my own demise) all the jumps and kicks possible. Now if I can love it at my young age (wink wink) your kids will be fascinated. The safety net is a much loved addition to keep the kids and some pups from flying off too.