1. 11 Piece Game Set | 2. Paddle Game | 3. Inflatable Pool Pong | 4. Aqua Football 
5. Melon Madness | 6. Inflatable Ring Toss | 7. Underwater Glider | 8. Multicolor Dive Sticks
9. Swimming Shark Pool Toy | 10. Inflatable Sports Set | 11. Inflatable Shark Corn hole
I know I’m partial to the little ones on here sometimes but today is all about your favorite big kids. We’re talking Big Kid Pool Toys today to make sure we’ve really nailed the Summer fun task list. I’m going to help you keep your tweens, teens, and big kid significant others having a blast in the pool this Summer. 
We all know it takes a bit of tugging with these older kids but we’ve got options they can hang with and relax (they deserve some R&R too!) or go crazy with games and competition and be all at it.  
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1. 11 Piece Game Set: Having a game set is excellent price-wise and to entertain multiple kids. Play water baseball, catch, and launch (just to name a few options), and it comes with its own storage bag. 
2. Paddle Game: Classic Paddle Game made with water-resistant material. Simple, easy to store, and super fun. 
3. Inflatable Pool Pong: Inflatable Pool Pong is a must-have for Big Kids and well, adults too! I love that this inflatable is so durable and the size makes for a real game experience. 
4. Aqua Football: Football seems to always be in session during the warmer months and this Aqua Football is a no-slip grip ball made for all-weather activity. 
5. Melon Madness: Melon Madness is such an entertaining water game set for big kids. The set comes with a buildable target hoop. The Melon ball itself is filled enough to dribble, bounce, and pass underwater. Play pretty much any sports game in and on top of the water. 
6. Inflatable Ring Toss: I love ring toss! A game of skill, strategy, and lots of healthy smack talk in most households. Haha. Being able to inflate what you need for the game and leave the rest boxed or deflate easily for storage makes this a pool essential.
7. Underwater Glider: We own and love this Underwater Glider. Put it underwater and see it dive and glide all around the pool!
8. Multicolor Dive Sticks: Dive sticks are great for competition games. These Multicolor Dive Sticks come in a set of six different colors. 
9. Swimming Shark Pool Toy: Your big kids will love to hang out and chill out on this Swimming Shark Pool Toy. 
10. Inflatable Sports Set: This Inflatable Sports Set is awesome. A Basketball hoop and volleyball net set will lead to endless hours of game time with minimal stress of taking it down for parents. 
11. Inflatable Shark Corn hole: Corn hole is a Summer classic so to be able to play in the pool is awesome for big kids and adults alike. This Inflatable Shark Corn hole is easy to assemble and store.