1. PJ Set | 2. Convertible Chair Wagon | 3. Girls Biker Shorts | 4. Face Sunscreen
5. Sunglasses Set | 6. Heroes of Olympus Books Set | 7. Waterproof Phone Cases
8. Girls Athletic Shorts | 9. Trunk Crates | 10. Weem Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies
It’s about time we did an Amazon recap of my most Recent Amazon Purchases. This new batch is a hit and I’m so excited to hear what works for you or if you guys have snagged any of these before. 
It takes a village y’all! 
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1. PJ Set: Because you can never have too many pj’s, especially in the Summer heat! This PJ set is so soft and breathable. I’m a size large. 
2. Convertible Chair Wagon: If you’ve seen my insta you know I’m a die-hard fan of this Convertible Chair Wagon. It’s the most beneficial item I’ve bought for the beach and pool ever! The chair doubles as a wagon so you don’t have to carry a jillion bags and a chair on your back. Simply pack your wagon, then once in your designated spot, unpack and prop open your chair to relax. Voila! 
3. Girls Biker Shorts: These Girls Biker Shorts set is adorable and great for active play and to layer under dresses. 
4. Face Sunscreen: I ordered this Face Sunscreen and am rather impressed. It matches your skin perfectly and has a light and fluffy feel. I’m excited!
5. Sunglasses Set: High-end designer vibes with Amazon prices?! Sign me up! Great for beach days or travel so there’s minimal pain if they break or get lost. 
6. Heroes of Olympus Books Set: Heroes of Olympus is a favorite of Gray so I snagged this set for him for his 8th birthday. He loved it! 
7. Waterproof Phone Cases: You wouldn’t believe how many times I wished I would have brought Waterproof Phone Cases with me to a beach/pool day or water activity. It’s not easy trying to be in the moment, capture memories, and worry about damaging these expensive phones. Eliminate half the stress with these cool cases! They even come with a lanyard attached for easy carry. 
8. Girls Athletic Shorts: Super cute Girls Athletic Shorts, they run true to size (Georgia is an XS). The cut is great to leave room for them to run around and be active. The designs are stylish and easy to match. 
9. Trunk Crates: I love these Trunk Crates for their durability and functionality. The crates completely collapse when not in use for easy storage and convenience. Two come in a pack with snap lids which are great for traditional storage means. They hold 28 liters and I personally think they’re so great for organizing things in my car that I need to be able to carry all at once. 
10. Weem Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies: Gut health is very important to me and I’ve seen so much change with Weem Apple Cider Vinegar gummies. I cannot tolerate shots of ACV (kudos to those who can) so this is the alternative for me. Less bloat, smoother digestion, and less gas. The dummies are vegan and gluten free too!