1. From Blood and Ash Series | 2. Crescent City Series | 3. Kingdom of Wicked Series 
4. The Charley Davidson Series | 5. Crave Series | 6. The Kingmaker Chronicles 
7. The Lady of the Rivers | 8. Throne of Glass Series 
So you finished reading A Court of Thorns and Roses and need your next fix?
 We’ve all been there, wrapped up in a book series that helps us escape and live vicariously through its characters.
 Do not fret because here is your list of new addictions suggested by none other than your comrades in arms – other romance, paranormal, and all things thriller junkies! 
P.S. I really enjoyed the audio book versions of A Court of Thorns and Roses after I read the paperback of book 1. If you don’t have an audible account, they are always running specials so check it out (it’s a part of Amazon!). 
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1. From Blood and Ash Series: An addictive romance thriller, From Blood and Ash Series follows Maiden Poppy waiting to ascend. Cue her new hot guard and some serious life altering decisions, a perfect storm of page turning intrigue. 
2. Crescent City Series: The Crescent City Series is about revenge, magic and protecting your own  – need I say more?! 

3. Kingdom of the Wicked Series: This three part series will have you wanting more after every cliffhanger. Twin witches living amongst humans and one gets murdered. Follow the sister’s journey to avenging her other half and navigating the dark world of witchcraft. 
4. The Charley Davidson Series: The Charley Davidson Series is the gift that keeps on giving. With more than 10 books in the series there’s something for everyone. The biggest rave about this series is by far the characters. Interesting, charismatic, and chemistry for days. 
5. Crave Series: Aesthetically this book reminds me of the pale bunch (iykyk) but don’t be fooled. It’s got substance. Monsters, vampires, and the struggle for identity. A storyline that becomes relatable as you dive into the happenings of teen angst and paranormal activity. 

6. The Kingmaker Chronicles: This series is intense! A Kingmaker who wants nothing with her gifts and powers and a warlord who will never take no for answer. 
7. The Lady of the Rivers: Historial fiction with page turning tales of secret love, revenge, and alchemy. The Lady of the Rivers is full of ambitious women and court romance – definitely a sultry beach side read. 
8. Throne of Glass Series: Think Hunger Games but high magic, a female assassin and overall badass. Celaena Sardothien does not come to play when trying to defeat her chosen enemies for freedom but all is never what it seems.