1. Air Tag | 2. Pusheen Air Tag Clip | 3. Best Water Bottle | 4. Lunch Chillers | 5. Fleece Zip Up 
6. Headphones | 7. Backpack with Built-in Insulated Lunchbox Storage | 8. Monster Pencil Case
9. Kids Blue Light Blocking Glasses | 10. Personalized Name Labels | 11. “Chill” Lunch Box
12. School Year Pennant | 13. Reusable Zippered Stash Bags | 14. Lunch Box
15. Little Kid Backpack
Alright, as swift as the Summer came it’s about to go y’all. Schools back in session! Well almost, and that means we have to prep. Now you know my go-to for all things school is Amazon. Reliable deliveries, supply counts, and no running around to multiple stores (with children), in the heat, and using up gas.  
This is my list of Amazon School Supply Must Haves. It’s a variety of things you may find yourself needing or already have on your to-do. Great price points and design options to keep your pocket happy and your kiddo smiling. 
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1. Air Tag: Times are different and we can all use more peace of mind when we send our babies to school; for this I find Air Tags to be a great solution. If we’re talking tech devices it is on the more affordable end and they’re extremely easy to set up and use (for any technologically challenged parentals).  They are small enough to be slipped into the seam of jackets or sneakers, book bag pockets, or even in a keychain. 
2. Pusheen Air Tag Clip: To be paired with the Air Tag, these Pusheen Air Tag Clips are super cute and hold the tags tight so you’re not losing the tag before the kid or item. 
3. Best Water Bottle: The OG of the bottle brands, the best water bottle on the market is hands down the Yeti. If your kids are anything like mine, their water bottles end up everywhere. They get dropped, banged, left in the sun, you name it. This bottle is durable, keeps drinks cold for so long, doesn’t leak and the built-in sip top is great for on-the-go drinking. 
4. Lunch Chillers: Lunch Chillers are very handy for kids back in school. We all want our kids to be nourished and hydrated so while the warm weather is great, it doesn’t make for cool meals or drinks. These are compact and can be stacked to keep lunch boxes or bottle bags cool. It’s also great for kids in extracurricular activities who will spend long hours out of the house. 
5. Fleece Zip Up: So does anyone else have a child who brings a brand new sweater to school and within a week it’s gone? haha Well, I’ve found the best solution and it’s called the fleece cubby. This Fleece Zip Up is warm, the zipper makes it a nice layering piece, and it stays in the cubby at school. The best part is that it’s so inexpensive that if it doesn’t get lost it doesn’t break the bank to get a new one. 
6. Headphones: We own these headphones and love them so much. They get sent to school every year, and last. The adjustable head strap and long connection cord are great for class use. Fun tip, you can use a personalized label on them too. 
7. Backpack with Built-in Insulated Lunchbox Storage: This combination Backpack with a built-in Insulated Lunchbox/storage is awesome. If your little one doesn’t like carrying around a lunch box or you’re looking for something more convenient for on the go this is for you. All the normal storage compartments of a backpack – padded straps, an outside mesh pocket, slots for pens, and on the bottom a nice zippered compartment that holds a lunch pack or drinks. 
8. Monster Pencil Case: How cool is this Monster Pencil Case?! It can hold a ton which is so cool. It’s made of one long zipper and can fit up to 60 pens! If your little one is the goofball of class they will love this. 
9. Kids Blue Light Blocking Glasses: With laptops being used so heavily in class now and even on remote days we want to protect our little one’s eyes. Kids Blue Light Blocking Glasses ease the strain of the lighting from the screens. They come in a nice case and have shatterproof lenses. 
10. Personalized Name Labels: I didn’t think I would be that mom but boy, oh boy, I am and I’m totally ok with that. I have learned to label all the kid’s things with these Personalized Name Labels. No fuss in worrying about someone grabbing the wrong spaceship backpack or plain black puff jacket – we label it all! These are smart to have if you have little ones in daycare and have to label baby bottles or food packs. Long-lasting, water-proof, microwave safe, and easy to apply. 
11. “Chill” Lunch Box: A chilled (optional) bento style Lunch Box for kids?! Sign me up! This snap-safe lunch box has 4 compartments for food, a removable ice pack that can be cooled in the freezer and added before school to keep meals chilled, and a rubberized bottom to avoid wear and tear. The food tray is microwavable and dishwasher safe. Fun tip, this fits perfectly into the combo backpack above! 
12. School Year Pennant: If you’re that parent who wants to make the most of your kid’s first day of school but just doesn’t have the arts and crafts gene to make one of those fancy signs I recommend these School Year Pennants. Fun colors, a clear sign/font, and the kids look so adorable holding them. 

13. Reusable Zippered Stash Bags: I’m a huge fan of Reusable Zippered Stash Bags. I use them for all occasions now (pool, beach, holiday, suitcases) so finding them for school is a no-brainer. You can find a variety of uses for them. Dirty clothes, food, school supplies, items for PE, first aid items, money/phone/valuables bag. The list is endless. 
14. Lunch Box: I got this Lunch Box on Prime Day and the size is so impressive. It can hold a lot more than you think looking at it. Double insulated, two zippered pockets, and an adjustable strap. 

15. Little Kid Backpack: If it’s your baby’s first few years of school this backpack is my recommendation. It’s lightweight, water resistant, and has a large storage compartment. I like that it has a label to write their name and can fit school supplies, a change of clothes, a bottle, and a food bag.