1. Vintage Camero Line Drawing | 2. Custom Wooden Record Coasters | 3. LEGO Storage Box
4. The Ultimate Sneaker Book | 5. Wireless Mini Turntable Speaker
6. Fleece Lined Sweatpants | 7. Italian Leather Airpods Charging Case 
8. Marshall Portable Bluetooth Speaker | 9. Solo Stove Mesa 
10. Guest Check Key Tray | 11. Custom Line Art Pet Portrait | 12. Yeti Backpack 
13. Grill Pizza Oven | 14. Meater Thermometer* | 15. Putting Green*
16. Watercolor Golf Course Map* | 17. Handmade Pretentious Beer Glass HAZY IPA Glass*
18. Death Star 3D Printed Pencil Cup | 19. Hover Helmet Display | 20. Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager 
I feel like I can speak for all women or family shoppers when I say men can be really challenging to shop for. You want the gift to be practical and truly functional, while also being cool and interesting. 
Well, here you have it! A list of truly useful and extremely interesting gifts for the Guy in Your Life. Different price points and sentimental values for all your different relationships. 
As usual, the best-sellers are marked off with an asterisk, and when I tell you I still get messages about how much of a hit those gifts were! You will be getting it perfectly right each time. 
Affiliate links are used in this post, therefore I earn a small commission on all qualifying purchases in this post and corresponding social media.
1. Vintage Camero Line Drawing: Vintage Camero Line Drawing is a sweet gift for your car aficionado. 

2Custom Wooden Record Coasters: He’s a music lover and already has all the technical gear. So what are you to get him?! Here is a fun and honestly, really cute option – Custom Wooden Record Coasters. Dedicate a song to them or highlight their favorite hit!
3. LEGO Storage Box: For the avid LEGO creator and collector, or your very big kid (you know what I mean haha) add this really awesome LEGO Storage Box to their collection. 
4. The Ultimate Sneaker Book: This is really the ultimate sneakerhead gift! The Ultimate Sneaker Book highlights the various collabs, reissues, limited editions, and custom sneaker drops of the last 15 years. A great decor piece or coffee table addition. This is also a great gift for a teenager who 
is into sneaker collecting. 
5. Wireless Mini Turntable Speaker: Wireless speakers are basic essentials at this point but they can be eye-sores. Spice the decor up or play on your favorite guy’s love for all things oldies with this Wireless Mini Turntable Speaker. 
6. Fleece Lined Sweatpants: I already want to take these Fleece Lined Sweatpants off of my husband’s hands. Sweatpants for men are essential and if you’re in a cold climate or have an outdoorsy man in your life these are a great pick. 
7. Italian Leather Airpods Charging Case: Have you ever found yourself buying a man an electronic gift they loved but never used because they would forget to charge it or was afraid of breaking it/losing it?! Well here’s a simple solution to all three problems when it comes to AirPods. This Italian Leather Airpods Charging Case allows them to charge their AirPods wirelessly or with a cord and keeps them safe and scratch-free with a durable cover.  
8. Marshall Portable Bluetooth Speaker: The Marshall brand is so classic and well-known it’s a sure-fire hit gift for the music lover in your life. With its sleek and sophisticated design, your guy will have no issues adding this portable Bluetooth speaker to their office or camping trip to listen to tunes. Also available in this vintage style
9. Solo Stove Mesa: How cool is this Solo Stove, Mesa?! What a great gift for a devoted outdoorsman who likes to camp or hangs out on the porch on a chilly night. Can you say “s’mores everyone”?!
10. Guest Check Key Tray: For the modern city guy who loves a talking decor piece or takes out haha. A very cute and unique gift! 
11. Custom Line Art Pet Portrait: Line Art has become wildly popular and with reason. It’s a delicate and vibrant piece of art that can add life to any room. Now couple that with a portrait of your favorite pet and you have a gift that will pull at his heartstrings. Love it!
12. Yeti Backpack: Yeti is one of the most reputable brands out there. All of their products are truly legit and stand the test of time and durability. The Yeti Backpack keeps drinks and foods cool all day! It relieves them from the back strain of dragging a big cooler anywhere, especially on the sand. It’s useful for hiking, camping, rafting, day trips – you name it! 
13. Grill Pizza Oven: Pizza is always where it’s at. Grill Pizza Oven, come on do I need to say more?! This is really a gift for everyone haha. 
14. Meater Thermometer*: Meater?! I mean the name is just too good – haha. It’s a returning best seller y’all. A meat thermometer is a truly helpful gift for someone who loves BBQing or someone who is learning how to cook. It comes in handy and removes a lot of the stress of cooking meat with the running application showing temperature and remaining time. 
15. Putting Green*: When you know how hard your hubby, brother (in law), or dad work and they don’t get nearly enough time on the green, their swings start to get rusty. A Putting Green is a cool gift that allows them to put in the work in the comfort of their home. A best seller that doesn’t fail!
16. Watercolor Golf Course Map*: Does your guy have a favorite golf course or maybe you took a special trip to a course that you want them to remember, this Watercolor Golf Course Map is a beautiful gift. So simple and yet one of the sweetest gifts I’ve ever chosen for the guide. Gift your favorite golfer a print of the course he hit his first hole on one, or the first course he ever hit when he decided to try the sport. It will be a genuine memory for him. 
17. Handmade Pretentious Beer Glass HAZY IPA Glass*: Every year at Gift Guide Season, I learn more and more about beer! Last year’s sour glass was a best-seller. I’m betting the Hazy IPA glass will be too!
18. Death Star 3D Printed Pencil Cup: We all know and love a Star Wars fan. Gifting a Death Star 3D Printed Pencil Cup is brilliant and functional. 
19. Hover Helmet Display: A sports fan pick for the office, a dorm room, or their man cave. Available in both college and pro teams. 
20. Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager: Who doesn’t need and love a massage? A Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager is a practical and very useful gift for any hard-working guy in your life or the super athlete you love and adore. 

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