1. Original Hand Cut Dog Portraits | 2
. Personalized Wildlife Bee Barn | 3. Car Trunk Organizer 
4. Personalized Doormat* | 5. Tell Me Your Life Story, Grandma 
6. Get to Know Your Grandparents Cards | 7. Goldbelly 
8. Personalized Gardeners Harvest Basket | 9. Personalized Family Plant Stake 
10. Framed Family Photo* | 11. Handwritten Recipe Baking Dish* | 12. Custom Cupcake Baking Tin
13. Long Distance Love Lamps* | 14. Hand and Footprint Ornament Kit* | 15. Custom Garden Stone 
16. Grateful Heart Wind Chime* | 17. Photo Calendar* | 18. Silhouettes
19. Art Display | 20. Custom Kid Drawing Platter
The Grandparents Guide is here with thoughtful, sentimental gifts that can be cherished for years to come!
We have picks that can be from grandkids and even involves them into the process. 
We’re going to support small business shops and makers full force this year, so please keep an eye out for shipping time frames and personalization restrictions when ordering. 
And if you spy an asterisks, rest assured that you’ll be giving a top notch gift because those are best sellers! 
Affiliate links are used in this post, therefore I earn a small commission on all qualifying purchases in this post and corresponding social media.

1. Original Hand Cut Dog Portraits: Grandkids are wonderful but furbabies are the family members we cherish the most. Celebrate your family’s favorite pup with an Original Hand Cut Dog Portraits. 

2Personalized Wildlife Bee Barn: This will have the grandparents and grandkids transfixed! A Wildlife Bee Barn that you can personalize. A safe and warm place for the pollinators. 
3. Car Trunk Organizer: Calling all sporting grandparents! The best gift for those grandparents who attend all the sporting events and come equipped to cheer the day away.
4. Personalized Doormat*: Personalized Doormats are a cool way to customize nana and pop pop’s home. Create custom phrases for their homes, vacation spots, etc. Their key sayings, nicknames, get creative. 
5. Tell Me Your Life Story, Grandma: I absolutely love this gift. Sometimes life passes us by and we don’t take the time to really get to know our parents or grandparents as who they are people. It’s a fun unique way for the family to connect and have memories recorded from their perspective. Also available in Grandpa and Papa https://amzn.to/3drQoht.
6. Get to Know Your Grandparents Cards: Awesome conversation starters for family dinners or holidays. This is sure to illicit a lot of laughs and tears…the good ones!
7. Goldbelly: Dubbed one of Oprah’s favorites, Goldbelly is a really cool food marketplace. If your grandparents love language is food this will blow them away. 
8. Personalized Gardeners Harvest Basket: This Personalized Gardeners Harvest Basket is a nice interest gift. Durable and ample size for harvesting. 
9. Personalized Family Plant Stake: This is an adorable gift! A personalized Family Plant Stake that you can add up to 12 family members, add distance if they live far or even create multiples for cabins and vacation homes. 
10. Framed Family Photo*: You will never miss with a Framed Family Photo. Candids, family trips, or even special event photos are always loved. 
11. Handwritten Recipe Baking Dish*: A twist on this bestseller – let the grandkids write their favorite recipe that the grandparents make! Perfect for the bigger kids to help create a sentimental gift that will make a huge impact. 
12. Custom Cupcake Baking Tin*: A perfect for the grandparents who love to bake, or to make memories in the kitchen. This 2021 best seller is back and can be customized with messages and names. 
13. Long Distance Love Lamps*: This is an OG grandparents gift guide best seller. A cute and easy to use “thinking of you gift”. 
14. Hand and Footprint Ornament Kit*: Snag this kit to make perfect keepsakes. My mom still has our little hand prints hanging on our tree – 35 plus years later!
15. Custom Garden Stone: Such a unique gift for the green thumbs in your life. A Custom Garden Stone with all of grandma’s blooming flowers. 

16. Grateful Heart Wind Chime*: I feel like wind chimes are such a token grandmother thing. You can customize these Grateful Heart Wind Chimes and they come in a variety of textures and colors. 
17. Photo Calendar*: This is a great grandparents gift for the office or business. All grandparents love to show off their babies and grand-babies and even furbabies! 
18. Silhouettes*: Silhouettes are an extremely delicate, sentimental, and classic gift. I love that it’s a frozen moment in time to cherish. Great for each grandchild or even a whole family together.
19. Art Display: What a great way to display all the fun school pictures and paintings. Customize the writing to say “look what our grandkids made” and proudly display all of the kids art. 
20. Custom Kid Drawing Platter: I love this dish idea. Perfect for a family portrait, a rendering of a favorite family trip or tradition.

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