1. Lavender Warming Booties | 2. Desk Chair Wrap | 3. Cardinal of Joy Glass Sculpture
4. Coupe Glass Set | 5. Stained Glass Water Lily Sculpture
6. Floral Serving Bowl | 7. Glass Bubble Pitcher | 8. Personalized Blanket
9. Propagation Terrarium | 10. Faux Crocodile Ipad Case  | 11. Floral Tea Set
12. Custom House Portrait | 13. Soy Beeswax Twisted Candle Set 
14. Double Ribbed Gold Candle Holder | 15. Handmade Gold Cuff Bracelet
16. Ceramic Herb Garden Markers | 17. Custom Wooden Block House Portrait 
18. Custom Pet Ceramic | 19. Heated Throw Blanket 
20. Custom Engraved Family Tree Sculpture
Another year and still the most requested guide, The Mother in Law Gift Guide, the essential OG of the Gift Guides. 
This year’s Mother in Law Guide covers all relationship levels, price points and runs that gamut from feminine fun to practical and “can’t live without it”. Plus everything you could think of in between.  
Friendly reminder, this list isn’t just for the mother figures in your life either. You’ll find gift inspirations for your closest friends, great aunt, sister, and even yourself all right here!
And just an FYI, anything with an asterisk was a best seller from years past, so I had to include them in this year’s guide also. 

Affiliate links are used in this post, therefore I earn a small commission on all qualifying purchases in this post and corresponding social media.

1. Lavender Warming Booties: Everyone needs a pair of these Lavender Warming Booties in their lives so you cannot miss with this gift. Soothing, cute, and great for cold winter nights. I love them! 

2Desk Chair Wrap: She’s a Boss and puts in those work hours like a champ. Give her some comfort with a Desk Chair Wrap. Also, a perfect gift for your Boss Girl Friends!
3. Cardinal of Joy Glass Sculpture*: Last years bluebird of hope was a best seller and this year we have the Cardinal of Joy. It elicits the same adoring reaction and looks amazing as a mantle piece. 

4. Coupe Glass Set: Have a hostess with the mostest as a Mother in Law then she will love entertaining with this Coupe Glass Set. Sleek, beautiful colors, and design. 
5. Stained Glass Water Lily Sculpture: If your Mother in Law loves decorative conversation starters this Stained Glass Water Lily Sculpture is definitely an eye catcher. The detail is exquisite and it’s so different than your normal sculpture. 
6. Floral Serving Bowl: For the kitchen lover, this Floral Serving Bowl is a wonderful addition to any kitchen decor set up. Gift it as a serving dish or decorative bowl. 
7. Glass Bubble Pitcher: This Glass Bubble Pitcher is so lovely and delicate in person. A beautiful serving vessel or even better as a table centerpiece vase.
8. Personalized Blanket: Anything personalized is a yes from me. Now a Personalized Blanket sounds perfect for the avid traveler to keep in her carry on bag or the Mother in Law who likes a good night by the fireplace. 
9. Propagation Terrarium: For the green thumb in your life. A Propagation Terrarium is fun and continues to give! 
10. Faux Crocodile Ipad Case: If your Mother in Law is constantly letting the kids use her Ipad then hook her up! haha Fashionable and functional, this Faux Crocodile Ipad Case comes in the cutest lavender color. 
11. Floral Tea Set: Tea drinkers take their tea blends quite seriously,  as they should. Gifting. classic blends like Earl Grey and new fruity picks like Blueberry Merlot, you will definitely be loved.

12. Custom House Portrait*: This has been the all time Best Seller from the Guides for Mother in Laws, Grandparents, Parents, in Laws and new home owners. A no-fail, slam dunk gift idea. Each portrait is hand sketched and can be further personalized.

13. Soy Beeswax Twisted Candle Set: I love all the new candle designs coming out this season and this Soy. Beeswax Twisted Candle Set is a personal favorite of mine. These belong on a mantle, credenza, or even part of your dinner table set up. 
14. Double Ribbed Gold Candle Holder: Taker her tablescape to the next level with a Double Ribbed Gold Candle Holder. Add a dark colored twisted candle (listed above) and it is the perfect type of drama. 
15. Handmade Gold Cuff Bracelet: Some Mother in Law’s are more the jewelry as a gift type. Having a Handmade Gold Cuff Bracelet made is stunning and makes for a great story. Completely unique in design and looks great all year round. 
16. Ceramic Herb Garden Markers: Because not everyone likes those wooden stick markers. For the committed gardener in your life that loves some pizazz, even in her garden. 
17. Custom Wooden Block House Portrait*: One of the higher price points on the list but honestly it’s worth the sentimental value. Gifting a Custom Wooden Block House Portrait means giving her the memorialization of her families home. Priceless. 
18. Custom Pet Ceramic*: My fave find from years past, these custom ceramics are made to match a treasured pet. You have to pop over to the artist’s page to see the photos of the pets and the final ceramics she creates. The work is so fun and sentimental. 

19. Heated Throw Blanket*: Another best seller for obvious reasons. Practical, comforting, and great for family snuggles. 
20. Custom Engraved Family Tree Sculpture: Such a unique gift that works great for big families with lots of grand babies to show off. I love that it is also available in a glass dome ornament for their holiday decor.    

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