1. Flower Pot Bubble Set | 2. Dress-Up Ring Set | 3. Strawberry Two Piece 
4. How To Draw Cute Stuff Art Book | 5. Floral Clip Set | 6. Rainbow Bath Bomb 
7. Striped Beach Towel | 8. Ice Cream Band-Aids | 9. Cartwheel Short 3 Pack | 10. Printed PJs
Easter is right around the corner and it can easily get overwhelming with everything else going on.  Who needs to stress about filling a basket, getting all those little two-piece eggs, filling them up, and then having to hide them. So if we can make one piece of that puzzle simplified and affordable then we’ve done well by ourselves. This Girls Easter Basket Ideas Under $25 list has options for all personalities and interests. 
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1. Flower Pot Bubble Set: Bubbles are always a hit. I love this Flower Pot Bubble Set. It’s legit a little gardening set, with leaves for wands, a little watering pot to add the bubble solution, and two gardening sticks to make bubble shapes. 
2. Dress-Up Ring Set: This Dress-Up Ring Set is a huge hit with Georgia. It has so many cute designs, definitely age appropriate and worth the price. Your little one can keep them all to play with or give them out as friendship rings on Easter. 
3. Strawberry Two Piece: With bright colors, fun print, and a comfortable style this Strawberry Two Piece bathing suit is an awesome Easter Basket addition. 
4. How To Draw Cute Stuff Art Book: My current go-to birthday present for Georgia’s friends! Detailed step-by-step instructions with fun facts about the subjects of the drawing and adorable designs. 
5. Floral Clip Set: I want to wear this Floral Clip Set. I just love the color variations, with the simple flower designs. 
6. Rainbow Bath Bomb: Even little girls need their self-care time and what better way to facilitate that than with Rainbow Bath Bombs. 
7. Striped Beach Towel: With the warmer weather coming up a fun colored Striped Beach Towel is great for an Easter Basket. Functional and adds to the excitement of warmer weather to come. 
8. Ice Cream Band-Aids: If your girls are anything like mine then these Ice Cream Band-Aids will end up being accessories or stickers more than being used for actual injuries. For the price though, it doesn’t hurt your wallet. 
9. Cartwheel Short 3 Pack: I’m always attracted to a solid 3-pack of anything. Cartwheel Shorts are great for activities, lounging around the house, or wearing under a dress or skirt. The color options are really nice for Spring and Summer. 
10. Printed PJs: How adorable are these Printed Floral PJs! We all know that in my household a nice set of PJs is considered an outfit – haha. These run TTS.