1. Doodle Board | 2. Captain Underpants | 3. Nerf Football
4. Memory Light Up Game | 5. The Best Boys Bathing Suit | 6. Tie Die PJs
7. Slinky | 8. WaterProof Uno Cards | 9. Flying Dragons Paper Airplane Kit
10. Reusable Water Balloon Set | 11. Kids Flashlight
Last week we went over Girls Easter Basket Ideas Under $25 so it’s only natural we do the same for Boys and this list is so good. Affordable Easter Basket gifts that will make your boys very excited and keep them very busy. We want to make an impact on our kids not on our wallets!
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1. Doodle Board: Ok so right off the bat – this is a win-win gift. Doodle boards are great for restaurants and travel entertainment. Kids happy, momma’s happy. 
2. Captain Underpants: A cult classic book for kids and a funny one at that. 
3. Nerf Football: So simple, so easy, it’s a definite fun idea for any gift basket. 
4. Memory Light Up Game: Another classic pick that seriously never gets old or boring. Plus its fun for groups and families. 
5. The Best Boys Bathing Suit: These are the swim trunks that Gray wears the most and I’m all for it. Super affordable and durable. Plus they are so fun in color and print. 
6. Tie Die PJs: The most adorable Tie Die PJs! They run true to size and are super soft. 
7. Slinky: O-M-G the slinky. Do I need to say more?! Endless fun! 
8. WaterProof Uno Cards: Gray loves these cards. They’re really convenient to keep on hand for use in a variety of places and in true kid fashion if they get dirty because they will, they won’t be ruined. 
9. Flying Dragons Paper Airplane Kit: What a cool and unique gift. Flying Dragons Paper Airplane Kit is very different and makes for hours of engagement. 
10. Reusable Water Balloon Set: I’m really digging how cool this concept of a Reusable Water Balloon Set is. Water Balloons are extremely fun but really messy and get spent so quickly. Keep the fun going with these.
11. Kids Flashlight: Hey, if that egg hunt goes late your kiddo will be winning! Seriously though, a kid’s flashlight is way more useful than one would think. They can use them at night to maneuver around their room, stay up and read, or during trips.