1. Pink Smocked Rose Dress | 2. Blue Bunny Toile Dress | 3. White Cross Back Eyelet Dress
4. Pink Floral Smock Waist Dress | 5. Blue Gingham Short Sleeve Dress | 6. Floral Puff Sleeve Dress
7.  Pink Bow Strap Dress | 8. Knit Long Sleeve Dress | 9. Peach Floral Dress
10. Navy Peter Pan Collar Smocked Dress | 11. White Round Neck Dress | 12. Mary Jane Flats
13. Bow Strap Mary Janes | 14. Ruffle Short Socks | 15. Knee Socks 
Happy Easter Everyone! It’s finally here and I know y’all are ready to enjoy family and relax. Baskets are done, eggs will be found, and all will be right with the world. Now if you’re anything like me this morning started to be a bit of a show. All of a sudden Georgia’s dress fit weirdly and panic would have set in had I not been weirdly prepared and had a backup. So in true me fashion, I want to put everyone on and make sure you’re up to date on the cutest and most affordable Girls’ Spring Dresses. 
Perfect for upcoming holidays, graduations, stepping-up ceremonies, and birthdays. The best Spring Dresses for your best girl. 
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1. Pink Smocked Rose Dress: We’re starting the list off strong with this Pink Smocked Rose Dress. The most Princess vibes dress on the list. More on the formal side, without the formal price tag, and with such high quality detail. 
2. Blue Bunny Toile Dress: Straight from a storybook, this Blue Bunny Toile Dress is exquisite for fancier gatherings and get-togethers. The artistic detail is amazing and it gives such high-end fashion vibes, even for a kid’s dress.  
3. White Cross Back Eyelet Dress: I love this dress as a classic Spring, Summer dress. Beautiful detail, easy to wash, and have ready for on-the-go. The White Cross Back and Eyelet details are delicate and sweet. 
4. Pink Floral Smock Waist Dress: This Pink Floral Smock Waist Dress is lightweight and stretchy. I like this open for events and even for school days when they want to get dressed up. 
5. Blue Gingham Short Sleeve Dress: Do you see her?! What little girl wouldn’t look absolutely darling in this gingham-style dress? Buy the dress and take her on a picnic. (P.S. I’m sure you can find a similar one for you and pull off the perfect mommy and me.)
6. Floral Puff Sleeve Dress: Loving a black and white moment! This Floral Puff Sleeve Dress reminds me of the sweetest flower girl moment. 
7.  Pink Bow Strap Dress: Bows, light pink in color, and the striped design – perfect birthday dress. Swoon!
8. Knit Long Sleeve Dress: Knitted dresses are amazing for adults and I love them for kids. 
9. Peach Floral Dress: Another super fun floral print with such pretty colors. Lightweight with the sweet bubble short sleeves. This dress looks good for any occasion. 
10. Navy Peter Pan Collar Smocked Dress: Is it wrong to have a favorite. I adore this Navy Peter Pan Collar Smocked Dress. Everything about it is amazing to me. The color, pattern, collar, and chest detail. If you and your little one love a very dressed-up moment this dress is for you! It’s perfect for Spring but also would look great on any holiday. 
11. White Round Neck Dress: Having a white dress for a little girl feels like a must have. You can pair it with a cardigan or a fitted shirt under. 
12. Mary Jane Flats: Classic Mary Janes are great for all occasions and can be worn with other outfits that aren’t dresses. These come in so many colors and for a reasonable price tag.  

13. Bow Strap Mary Janes: The classic Mary Jane but with a Bow Strap from some extra flair. 
14. Ruffle Short Socks: Who didn’t have these growing up? I know some women who would wear them now! 
15. Knee Socks: Knee high Socks are essential! I love them for the colder days when it’s not so cold you can put leggings or panty hose on them.