1. Two-Piece Shorts Set | 2. Look A Like Two Piece | 3. Woven Tote 
4. Kids Erasable Doodle Board | 5. Gen Z Socks | 6. 4 Rocket Stomp Rockets 
7.  My Beloved Air Fryer | 8. Air Fryer Liners | 9. Play-Doh Stuffed Eggs
10.  Black Criss Cross One Piece
Hey y’all, you know you love a good Best Sellers List and even more so when it’s from the good ol’ Amazon. 
What makes the Amazon Best Sellers List so great, time and time again, is that it has something for the whole family, with so much functionality, and repeated usage! I’m giving you essential fits, games, household appliances, the works. 
Don’t forget to let me know on the gram what works the best for you and what you ordered. 
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1. Two-Piece Shorts Set: Trust me this is the set you’ll need for all Summer. Linen, light-weight, two-piece set, and it comes in a variety of colors. Dress this up or down – it makes a statement, definitely earning its slot on the best-seller list. I wear a large in this set. 
2. Look A Like Two Piece: Super cute for a two piece that isn’t revealing. I love the tank style top and high waisted bottom for comfort. They also have so many color combinations that there’s something for everyone. 
3. Woven Tote: We love a good dupe! This Woven Tote is amazing for day to day outings, a smaller style beach bag, and a Summer style weekend bag to carry your things and the kids! Plus who can tell it’s not designer! 
4. Kids Erasable Doodle Board: Don’t walk, run to get this Kids Erasable Doodle Board! I’ve listed this in my travel posts and kids gift lists and I’m telling you everyone loves it. Perfect for travel and restaurants. 
5. Gen Z Socks:  Ok, don’t judge me but these sock were my way of connecting to Gen-Z and I don’t regret it. They’re key to my grumpy walks. 
6. 4 Rocket Stomp Rockets: Ok, you got multiple kids then this is the holy grail of go play and tire yourself out. 4 Rocket Stomp Rockets combined. Set it up and let them go wild. 
7.  My Beloved Air Fryer: I’m sure you’re tired of hearing about how I love this beauty on Instagram but it deserves all its praise. She does all the necessary things an Air Fryer does with ease, no noise, and holds so much. Love it!
8. Air Fryer Liners: Does anyone else cry when they run out of Air Fryer Liners?! Seriously, having to hand wash the air fryer every time is legitimate torture. Having these on auto delivery is the dream. 
9. Play-Doh Stuffed Eggs: These were a surprising hit and I get it! Good for the season and for the price you get so many. I love that the colors come double so if you have two kids playing they can each have their own instead of arguing for an egg. 
10.  Black Criss Cross One Piece: Last but not least, the ultimate best seller of all time. The Black Criss Cross One Piece bathing suit. It has blessed so many with style, comfort, and so much sass. Still wear mine, like all the time – I’m a size 8-10.