1. Pink Pleated Cut-Out Maxi Dress | 2. Pink Patterned Midi Dress | 3. Pink Floral Dress
4. Pink and Black Floral One-Shoulder Dress | 5. Blue Cobalt Lace Dress | 6. Blue Print Maxi Dress
7. High Slit Midi Dress | 8. Blue Toile Dress | 9. Yellow Patterned Long Sleeve Midi Dress
10. Citron Sleeved Dress | 11. Black Crepe Midi Dress
Spring is here and love is in the air. It’s officially Wedding Season and what better way to celebrate than to shop. Being prepared for weddings can be a doozy but this list is scrumptious. Patterns, prints, bold colors, and simple silhouettes that will have everyone asking, “Where did you get that?!”. Dresses for all body shapes, heights, and budgets. 
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1. Pink Pleated Cut-Out Maxi Dress: Abercrombie is giving pure luxury with this Pink Pleated Cut-Out Maxi Dress! The shine, the pleats, and the bright pink color screams luxe. The peek-a-boo cuts on the torso are trendy and fun! 
2. Pink Patterned Midi Dress: This Pink Patterned Midi Dress screams Spring wedding, fun, fresh, and vibrant. It would also be one of my top 3 for destination weddings. The pattern gives so much life to this dress you can go basic with neutral accessories or go bold and play off the colors.
3. Pink Floral Dress: Pastel pink, with dreamy purple flowers, makes this perfect for a Spring wedding guest dress. 
4. Pink and Black Floral One-Shoulder Dress: This is the same style as my one-shoulder dress from the holidays! A bit more on the conservative side but with so much fun and style. 
5. Blue Cobalt Lace Dress: I just love the deep cobalt blue color of this dress. The lace detailing and delicate straps are beautiful. I think this would be great for a wedding by the water. 
6. Blue Print Maxi Dress: How gorgeous is this Blue Print Maxi Dress! I love the maxi length with beaded straps for that extra detail. 
7. High Slit Midi Dress: Available in a TON OF COLORS, this High Slit Midi Dress is a classic option for any wedding. This is a dress you can wear multiple times, in multiple seasons, and give a different look every time. 
8. Blue Toile Dress: This Blue Toile Dress is also great for destination weddings. Very on-brand with the print and style. The fit is great for all body shapes and sizes. 
9. Yellow Patterned Long Sleeve Midi Dress: Another jawbreaker! The bold yellow, with lovely floral patterns. There’s nothing you can’t love in this dress. Also, a conservative option if you’re not into slits or showing your shoulders off. Very flowy and stylish. 
10. Citron Sleeved Dress: What a unique style dress that is absolutely stunning. This Citron-colored sleeved dress is on the shorter side, so great for a wedding with cocktail attire. Or if you have legs for days and love a good excuse to show them off! 
11. Black Crepe Midi Dress: Last but never least, a classic little black dress. Loving the length with a slight slit, and thin straps which makes it easy to pair with a simple cardigan or bolero. Keep your accessories to accent colors or spruce things up with bold bright colors.