1. Strapless Floral Dress | 2. High-Waisted Denim Shorts | 3. Snake Strappy Sandals 
4. Oversized Linen Button Down | 5. Athletic Dress | 6. Tennis Skirt
7. Striped Linen Tunic Dress | 8. Tortoise Sunglasses | 9. Linen Shorts 
10. White Cropped Tank | 11. Woven Tote Bag | 12. Black Wrap Skirt
13. Linen Button Down Shirt Dress | 14. Lace Detail Dress | 15. Gold Hoop Earrings
Capsule Wardrobes are gaining so much traction and you know what I totally am all about it. It’s great to shop and enjoy fashion but having solid items that will last over time is not only budget-friendly but so sustainable. 
This Budget Warm Weather Capsule Wardrobe is going to get you set up for a few seasons in comfortable clothes, looking totally chic, and making your wallet so happy. 
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1. Strapless Floral Dress: The most impressionable piece on the list and it deserves all the glory. Stunning in style, a beautiful floral print, and can truly be worn literally all year round. 
2. High-Waisted Denim Shorts: These High-Waisted Denim Shorts are a timeless cut (we have proven this now lol) and a great blue jean color. Casually or for a night out, even dinner plans – denim shorts are so versatile. 

3. Snake Strappy Sandals: Sandals for the warmer months are a no-brainer but having a strappy sandal that can be dressed up or down is great. The snake print is a nice neutral color and can be easily paired with any color and even bright prints as well. 
4. Oversized Linen Button Down: Linen is great for a capsule wardrobe. Oversized Linen is very popular and can be styled in so many ways. Get a luxury look so quickly with this button-down shirt.
P.S. There’s an awesome matching piece later in this list. 
5. Athletic Dress: If you’ve seen my stories you know I’m a fan of Athletic Dresses and this is a great quality one. Comfortable, cute, and if I can put on one solid item and be ready for the day I’m so game. I’d definitely wear this on a grumpy walk. 
6. Tennis Skirt: Ok hear me out – this is fantastic for casual wear. Yes, casual wear! Normal short skirts are not realistic for a mom running around after kids or someone running errands jumping on and off transportation. But a Tennis Skirt with shorts and a little slot for your phone or card – sign me up! 
7. Striped Linen Tunic Dress: Comfortable, cute, and looks great on anyone. A Striped Linen Tunic Dress will work year after year.
8. Tortoise Sunglasses: A classic that should be a part of everyone’s wardrobe. Tortoise Sunglasses that look designer with such good quality for a fraction of the price. 
9. Linen Shorts: Much like the oversized linen button-down shirt these Linen Shorts are a classy addition to a capsule wardrobe. Mix and match these shorts with different textures, and fabrics and pair them with sandals, sneakers, or heels. It works so well with everything. 
10. White Cropped Tank: Essentials people essentials! A White Cropped Tank is the foundation of a capsule wardrobe. You seriously need like 5 haha. 
11. Woven Tote Bag: Can you really go wrong with this?! Woven totes are always in and I love the handle and strap option here. 
12. Black Wrap Skirt: I like this Black Wrap Skirt so much because it gives me so much room to play with. When I initially saw it I thought ok I can wear this for girl’s nights out and dinner dates with hubs but then the more I looked at it I’m like I can wear this with my dad New Balances and a white tank.  Get inspired ladies!
13. Linen Button-Down Shirt Dress: I absolutely love this Linen Button Down Shirt Dress. The neutral colors are lovely for the warmer months and its airy style makes it comfortable to wear while outside in the heat. 
14. Lace Detail Dress: A dainty lace detail, wonderful cream color, and 100% cotton. You couldn’t find a more perfect Summer dress. 
15. Gold Hoop Earrings: Gold has done a full circle in the fashion world and honestly has always been a great accessory. These Gold Hoop Earrings are a great size and go with pretty much any style dress you prefer.