1. Tennis Dress | 2. Boho Tunic Dress | 3. Lifting Nipple Covers
4. Portable Table Lamp | 5. My Woven Tote | 6. Bogg Bag Divider 
7. Daily Lotion with SPF 60 | 8. Tinted Face Sunscreen | 9. 3-IN-1 Kids Swim Shampoo
10. XL Rope Storage Basket | 11. Serendipity Shabori Wallpaper | 12. My Air Fryer
Go off, ladies and gentlemen! I love it when you guys tell me what works for you or what you love from my lists and recommendations. I jumped for joy when I saw April’s Amazon Best Seller list feedback because the picks are all on point.
So if you still weren’t convinced or needed to see more, this list is definitely for you!            
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1. Tennis Dress: Comfortable, versatile, and for the price you can get multiples without feeling guilty. Great for everyday wear!
2. Boho Tunic Dress: This adorable Boho Tunic Dress comes in a ton of colors and is perfect for warmer weather. Think beach day, pool party, or nice breezy night out. 
3. Lifting Nipple Covers:  Y’all have reported that these do in fact work under swimsuits, for a full day of outdoor/hot activities, and under special occasion dresses. A true hit!
4. Portable Table Lamp: This Portable Table Lamp is quite useful and can be used in so many different ways. I love the sleek look (it comes in a variety of finishes) which adds life to any style of decor. It’s functionality makes it great for cabins, home offices, and nightstands.  
5. My Woven Tote: Such a durable bag. We love a good dupe and this one is worth the investment. It also comes in a variety of colors to change it up depending on your outfit. 

6. Bogg Bag Divider: Now that you have the super famous Bogg Bag these dividers make it 1000x more useful. They come in all colors so you can each match your bag or change it up for a unique look. 
7. Daily Lotion with SPF 60: I struggle to find a solid day-to-day Daily Lotion (we’re picky with the texture out here) and to find one with SPF at that. Aveeno’s formula for this protect and hydrate daily lotion with SPF 60 is lightweight and absorbs so quickly. 
8. Tinted Face Sunscreen: I wear the shade Medium in this Tinted Face Sunscreen and religiously use it daily, even when I wear makeup.
9. 3-IN-1 Kids Swim Shampoo: Now that the Summer is coming this wash is a huge hit with the kids. Especially after pool days and beach visits. Helps avoid that horrible chlorine hair. 
10. XL Rope Storage Basket: This storage basket is one that you never knew you needed. The size is phenomenal, and no it’s not too much. Perfect for towels, and transporting all the laundry around the house, and the best part is that it’s not an eyesore. 
11. Serendipity Shabori Wallpaper: Feeling like a proud mama, our powder bath popped off on Pinterest, making the wallpaper hit the best sellers list in April!

12. My Air Fryer: I’ve said it a million times and now all of you are too – this is the best Air Fryer ever. She does it all, with ease, with no noise, and holds a ton of food.