1. New Balance Sneakers | 2. Strappy Sports Bra | 3. Pleated Tennis Skirt
4. Padded Yoga Top | 5. Wearable Fan | 6. Fitted Crop Tee
7. Square Neck Long Line Tank | 8. No Show Socks | 9. High-Waisted Biker Shorts
10. APL Slides | 11. Racerback Tank | 12. Lightweight Sneakers
13. Long Line Performance Skort

The heat has finally made it to us and we have to keep moving – aka -4e we need to look cute on our grumpy walks. We all know that the motivation to stay active relies heavily on how we feel while we’re doing it. Here is the Best Summer Athleisure on Amazon so that we can be active, cute, and comfortable. 
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1. New Balance Sneakers: New Balance Sneakers have made the ultimate comeback and for good reason. I love these “Dad” sneakers so much, not only are they comfortable, they come in great color combinations.

2. Strappy Sports Bra: Such a lightweight sports bra option and definitely light on the fabricate.
3. Pleated Tennis Skirt: I love the look of this Pleated Tennis Skirt. A nice take on the classic tennis skirt with built-in shorts.
4. Padded Yoga Top: No skinny straps, claps, or closures. A tighter fit and removable pads. Great for those hot days when you can’t bear anything intricate on your skin.

5. Wearable Fan: This is an absolute must if your grumpy walks are in a humid and sticky climate. These also work great for kids and for those hot beach days.
6. Fitted Crop Tee: For those brave and beautiful souls who love a cropped top option and look, this Fitted Crop Tee is really versatile. A fitted fit to wear with any style bottom and in an array of color options.
7. Square Neck Long Line Tank: This tank honestly can make anyone on the run look so put together. The Square Neck is really flattering and I love the color variety.
8. No-Show Sock: A no-brainer for on-the-go. Summer isn’t the most comfortable season for those high “gen-z” socks.
9. High-Waisted Biker Shorts: Everyone needs multiple pairs of High-Waisted Biker Shorts. You can pair these with fitted or loose tops (shirts/dresses) and just go. They are an essential for daily wear.
10. APL Slides: How adorable are these baby blue slides. Slides are definitely popular at the moment and can run a pretty penny. These APL Slides come in so many color options, the footbed is durable and comfortable.

11. Racerback Tank: For better support and a longer fit, this Racerback Tank is a breathable fabric for hot weather.
12. Lightweight Sneakers: Ok, the “Dad” sneaker is cute for everyday wear but Lightweight Sneakers are what make grumpy walks easy. The weight of these sneakers makes them the favored choice for lots of walking and long days.
13. Long Line Performance Skort: If you’re not into the shorter tennis skirt look and feel this Long Line Performance Skort is the better option for you. Longer in length but just as flexible an option.